Hannah Ann Just Threw Insane Shade at Peter Weber on Instagram

Hello and welcome to all the new Hannah Ann stans out there! It’s not an exaggeration to say that she KILLED IT last night during The Bachelor’s live finale. Not only did Hannah Ann handle her and Peter’s breakup with poise and grace, she went offffff on him during their on-stage confrontation. Even freakin’ Barb clapped.

So…wondering if Hannah Ann is single after her breakup with Pilot Pete? Yep. Single and ready to mingle throw a buncha shade on Instagram. Truly, guys, she went in. Like, she straight-up wore a pilot’s outfit complete with goggles and captioned her post “Flyin’ solo… no turbulence accepted. PERIOD.”

I mean….wearing your ex-boyfriend’s signature lewk to shade him? I’ve never been more inspired. In fact, as Victoria Fuller went ahead and commented on Hannah Ann’s post: “This is quite literally the best thing I’ve ever seen come across my feed.” SAME, VICTORIA.

Also, if you’re searching for more inspiration, please turn your attention to Hannah Ann’s speech @ Peter: “If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man.”

Lemme say it louder for people in the back: “IF YOU WANT TO BE WITH A WOMAN, YOU NEED TO BECOME A REAL MAN.”

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