Grace and Frankie’s Jane and Lily speak out on return and spin-off ‘I agree’

Grace and Frankie: Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda star in trailer

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After debuting in 2015, Netflix’s hit series Grace and Frankie came to an emotional end in April. Despite the show being over for good, the on-screen best friends will soon make their highly anticipated return to TV together. The actresses Janes Fonda and Lily Tomlin opened up about their comeback.

Dubbed Netflix’s longest-running original show, Grace and Frankie came to an end after seven seasons.

The comedy followed the lives of two women who were forced to become friends after their husbands got married to each other.

Fans were devastated to see the series come to an end, especially after its emotional finale.

However, viewers can look forward to the beloved actresses returning to screens together for another show.

Both Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda guest-starred on The Kelly Clarkson show earlier this month and dropped some hints about their upcoming collaboration.

After Kelly suggested the two should “do a fun movie,” Tomlin revealed: “We’ve actually already done one and we’re going to start another.”

While Fonda raised two fingers, added: “Two movies.”

When asked if the shows were going to be based on Grace and Frankie, the actresses simultaneously answered: “No.”

“Fine, don’t give the people what they want,” Kelly joked.

After the audience burst into laughter, the host clarified her comment and stated: “I just love these characters, they’re just fun and fresh ideas.”

To which Tomlin interjected: “I agree.”

Fonda then leaned in and suggested: “How about a movie with Tom Brady.”

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While the actresses didn’t reveal any potential dates for their upcoming TV appearances, cinematographer Luke Miller dropped some major hints.

Speaking exclusively to, the crew member disclosed: “They’ve just wrapped their second movie they did after our show.

“They did a movie together immediately… it was, like, the next week or something.”

After wrapping up production last year, Fonda and Tomlin signed on to feature in the upcoming show titled ‘Moving On.’

Featuring the likes of Malcolm McDowell, the actresses will portray two old friends who reconnect at a funeral and decide to take revenge on a widower who wronged them several years before.

Cinematographer Luke added: “And I think it was very smart, actually. I think it was smart because they wrapped up our show, and the other movie was already in pre-production and they went right into this other movie.

“I think that was smart because then they didn’t have time to really miss the show right away because they were still working together,” he concluded.

Hopefully for fans, new information about the upcoming shows will soon be revealed.

Grace and Frankie is available on Netflix.

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