Gordon Ramsay: How Marco Pierre White ‘created a monster’ after making TV chef cry

Gordon Ramsay's daughter appears in Hell's Kitchen teaser

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Ramsay returns to screens tonight for his new “Uncharted” programme, as the celebrity chef goes “on a mission” to “immerse himself in new cultures from around the world”. The series includes trips to Peru, Laos, Morocco, Hawaii, Alaska and New Zealand – and the Scottish chef will be tasting the local cuisine too. As a reality television personality, Ramsay is known for his fiery temper, strict demeanour, and frequent swearing, but he was not always like that, according to White.

Considered the godfather of UK cooking, White became both the youngest chef and the first British chef to be awarded three Michelin stars.

In 1987, he opened Harveys in Wandsworth Common, South London, where he trained some of the UK’s best chefs, including Ramsay.

But he believes it was here that he created a “monster” who regularly gives trainees and celebrities a roasting on Ramsay’s hit television shows, such as The F Word and Hell’s Kitchen.

He also claimed that he once made Ramsay crack under pressure during his final night in his kitchen.

He said: “He had been a protege at Harvey’s and he was always a hard worker and showed tremendous resilience when it came to my b******ings.

“He never cracked. Or rather he never cracked until the final night at Harvey’s. I don’t recall what he had done, but I yelled at him and he lost it.”

But White said the young chef then crouched down in the corner and began sobbing.

He added: “The next thing I knew he was sobbing in the corner, holding his head in his hands with tears rolling down his cheeks.

“He was saying things like ‘I don’t care what you do to me. Hit me. I don’t care’.”

The pair have, ever since, had a rocky relationship and White said he cut ties years ago.

He explained: “There were a few incidents and I just decided that I didn’t want to talk to him anymore, so I stopped returning his calls.

“Perhaps I created the monster who ended up as a TV personality screaming at celebrities on Hell’s Kitchen, doing to them what I had done to him.”

A spokesman for Ramsay told the Scotsman there was “some truth” in the claim in 2006.

They added that Gordon would not be “descending into a slanging match” with his former mentor, who he still respected and appreciated for giving him his break in the restaurant industry.

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More recently, Ramsay paid a couple’s wedding costs to make up for filming on the Cornwall beach where they were having their ceremony.

Charlie Willis, 35, and his wife Laura, 29, got married on Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay last month, but were left disappointed when their union was “gatecrashed” by Ramsay.

The couple had paid £1,300 for the wedding but had not secured exclusive use of the location.

TV producers sent the couple a letter apologising and reportedly paid for the wedding in full.

You can watch ‘Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted’ on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm, or catch up on All4.

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