Good Morning Britain chaos as interview is interrupted by mystery man and dog

On Monday, Good Morning Britain hosts Piers Morgan , Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins were talking all things coronavirus and how it is affecting the nation and wider world.

They spoke to Dr Clare Gerada via video link from her home in Kennington, South London, who is nearing the end of the coronavirus sickness after being tested and confirmed to be suffering.

However, the intellectual interview was thrown into chaos as Dr Gerada's phone kept ringing on repeat.

That wasn't all though, as her dog could then be heard grunting, while at one point a man, presumed to be her husband, briefly entered the room.

Viewers at home were loving the comedic value to the otherwise serious episode, flocking to Twitter for a laugh.

One said: "This interview is rivalling the fella on BBC News whose kids came in on the baby walker."

Another echoed: "All we need now is a child in a walker and a crawling nanny."

A third wrote: "That's the first proper laugh I've had from GMB in a long time."

Someone else laughed: "That bloke popping in and very quickly popping out again!"

While a fifth said: "Worried about our 'preparedness' if the interview with Clare Gerada is anything to go by – phones going off, dogs grunting, man walking in."

Dr Gerada described the coronavirus as "probably five rounds with Mike Tyson", listing a dry throat, cough and achey limbs as symptoms.

She noted: "I've had to keep distance from my husband, who is in the same building."

The medical professional went on: "We have to rely on those that are giving us the information and not second guessing them."

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