Gogglebox fans fume at lack of subtitles as they beg Channel 4 to ‘sort it out’

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Gogglebox fans were left furious on Friday as they were once again unable to access subtitles for Channel 4 shows.

The network has been experiencing technical difficulties for the last week – but for people struggling to hear the dialogue, the lack of subtitles had potentially programme-ruining effects.

Though all the regulars appeared on the episode with their iconic banter, fans were unable to catch everything that was going on without subtitles.

Turning to Twitter, fuming fans posted: "#Gogglebox @Channel4 STILL no subtitles? As a deaf person I am really struggling!"

Someone else said: "Come on @Channel4. Sort the subtitles out. People depend on them!"

And another fan followed up: "No subtitles! For yet another show this is really unfair. I use because Netflix has conditioned me but for others who actually need them, this has been almost a week now!"

"Another of my favourites on #Channel4 #Gogglebox without subtitles. Not great when you're profoundly deaf. Hoping programmes will be reshown with subtitles when (if) they sort the week-long technical difficulties they've had," someone else tweeted.

And another Twitter user said: "Ridiculous, a week of no subtitles. Can't even watch Gogglebox tonight."

It comes just a night after Channel 4's sister channel E4 experienced technical difficulties during the finale of Married At First Sight UK – leaving the show's stars, experts and fans fuming.

It was the final episode before the live reunion next week, and things began badly as a repeat of the night before was shown in place of the finale.

Things soon went further downhill as the programme froze entirely, and viewers received a message on-screen promising programmes would soon resume.

However, a repeat of First Dates was eventually shown instead – and MAFS UK rescheduled for Friday at 9pm.

Adam Aveling, one of the show's stars, took to Instagram to slam the "s*** show", as he ranted: "No idea what is going on" followed by "What an absolute s*** show!"

Even show expert Paul Carrick Brunson was none the wiser, fielding queries from confused viewers on Twitter.

He wrote: "Sending a message in now but I don’t believe it can be changed now. Sorry, everyone."

Paul followed up with: "I've dropped two messages into the network. The moment I hear what is happening, I'll let you all know."

Channel 4 released a statement via Twitter earlier on Friday which read: "We are still experiencing technical difficulties, especially with accessible versions of our shows. We're very sorry and are doing all we can to fix the problem."

Daily Star Online has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

Gogglebox airs from 9pm on Fridays on Channel 4.

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