GMB fans criticise Laura Tobin for weather report from water slide ‘Do it normally!’

GMB: Laura Tobin presents weather from log flume ride

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Good Morning Britain’s meteorologist Laura Tobin was at Chessington World of Adventures to deliver the latest weather report. Those watching at home saw her feed the penguins, interact with giraffes before moving onto one of the water rides, but on one occasion she thought it would be a good idea to deliver the forecast while sliding down a log flume. 

Laura told viewers: “Whatever you are doing for the next few days, it is heat and humidity that dominates and then into the weekend, it is thunderstorms which will dominate. 

“At the moment, we still have our extreme heat warning across Wales and parts of South West England and for Northern Ireland, yesterday Northern Ireland, yet again for this week, recorded their highest temperature they have ever recorded. 

“At the moment, it’s the jet stream bring the warm air across our shores, it will get closer and cooler air will arrive and it’s that that will bring our drop in temperatures. 

“But for today, it is fine and dry to start,” she continued. 

“Yet again, UV levels are high – or very high – but then pretty dramatic changes come into tomorrow. 

“We see a weather front moving bringing some thunderstorms and that brings our changes for the weekend.” 

The final weather report she made was while she was riding a water slide and those watching at home couldn’t see why it was necessary. 

“Welcome back to Good Morning Britain,” Laura said. “I am on a rollercoaster… I am really high up. 

“Amazing views, this is the log flume ride, I have a camera on the ground, hopefully you should be able to see those guys. 

“I’m just about to go down the drop. 

“Everyone said ‘do you want to do the weather from a rollercoaster?’ I said ‘sure, why not!’” she explained. 

“So I’ll start with the weather and then the drop which is coming up soon!” 

Taking to Twitter to comment, one said: “Only #GMB would present an important weather forecast live on a water chute! Crazy!” 

“Seemed strange to see a weather presenter doing the weather on a water slide on this informed factual in depth serious intelligent news reporting programme #gmb,” another added. 

“Weather presenting has become a circus with that attention-seeking #LauraTobin ….” someone commented. 


One tweet read: “Laura, just do the f*****g weather like a normal weather presenter. #GMB.” 

“Giving a weather forecast on a rollercoaster???!!!!!! #GMB,” a viewer added. 

Laura hasn’t been in the studio for quite some time now. 

GMB send her to various locations to present the weather report most weekdays. 

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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