Gardeners’ World star Monty Don shares basic rule for planting new flowers ‘You need more’

Gardeners' World: Monty Don talks about changes to Longmeadow

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Fans of Gardeners’ World adore Monty Don’s garden in Longmeadow and are always keen to find out his latest tips and tricks to try at home. In the latest instalment of the BBC series, Monty revealed he wasn’t happy with one part of the garden so decided to make a rather drastic change. As he did, the gardening expert shared some of his basic tips for planting new flowers.

“Now I decided to dig up some grass too,” Monty exclaimed.

“A couple of weeks ago I strimmed this bank of long grass filled with wild flowers and planted a lavender hedge.

“While I was doing it and looking at it and thinking about it, I suddenly realised it was one of those middle of the night moments that it was the right thing but in absolutely the wrong place.

“It wasn’t working because this very good idea of having a wildflower meadow on a bank was at odds with the very good idea of having a mound with the terrace and all this formal lines and brick and piles reaching this new focal point of the summer house in the middle.

“The juxtaposition I don’t think it was working. One of them had to go.”

He continued: “Well it wasn’t going to be the mound but we could dig up the grass.

“So I’ve taken off the turf, dug up the bulbs and I’m in the process of preparing new sloping flower beds that will be part of the mound.

“I’ve dug this over and got rid of compaction. If it’s compacted you can’t get enough oxygen and the roots can’t spread properly, the water can’t drain properly.”

Turning to the camera, Monty advised viewers: “So dig it, get rid of that compaction. What I’m doing is just checking this and getting rid of any weeds.”

He could be seen checking the soil for any rogue weeds which could pop up in his wildflower bed.

Monty told viewers: “I have a basic rule for planting. If I can’t plant with my hands, it’s not prepared enough.

“I need to be able to get my hand in to the wrist, like that,” he continued demonstrating the tip.

“If I meet resistance, it needs more digging over.”

Ahead of the episode, Monty had teased a dramatic change his beloved Longmeadow garden.

He posted on his official Twitter account: “GW tonight has dramatic changes to the Mound, dramatic action to help, squashes and pumpkins to ripen, dramatic pots from Will Young and an exclusive visit to his back garden and a dramatic display of breakdancing by Patti & Nell. #oneofthesemightnotbetrue.”

Fans were quick to comment with one writing: “Dramatic pots, breakdancing AND Will Young? How are we meant to sleep after that level of excitement?! Can’t wait actually, all sounds fabulous.”

A second added: “I will be watching – if only to see Patti and Nell breakdancing.”

“All sounds very dramatic and it’s only the first week of autumn,” a third posted.

Someone else tweeted: “You drama Queen. Friday wouldn’t be Friday without you all. See you there. #GardenersWorld.”

Gardeners’ World airs Friday on BBC Two at 8.30pm.

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