Furious EastEnders fans miss Jack Branning stabbing because of Love Island clash

Tonnes of EastEnders fans have missed Jack Branning's shock stabbing because of a clash with Love Island .

In a change to the usual schedule, EastEnders aired a special second episode tonight at 9pm.

Another Albert Square helping would usually be welcomed, but not when it's on at the same time as the biggest show of the summer.

Many fans chose to watch the drama in the Love Island villa with the explosive fallout from Yewande Biala's exit.

But this meant they didn't see the dramatic scenes in Walford as Jack was stabbed in the shoulder by Tiffany Butcher's rapist.

Jack cornered Fraser the drug dealer in an alleyway and did not heed the warning to "go home".

The thug was suddenly terrified when Jack revealed he knew his identity and shoved him up against the wall.

Jack yelled: "She was a kid and you took that away from her. You come back here I’ll kill you. Do you hear me?"

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Fraser got out a knife and lunged towards Jack, catching him in the shoulder with the blade.

The drug dealer said: "I told you this wasn’t going to go how you wanted it to."

He then began to goad Jack by claiming his niece was "nothing special" and that he would come back for his daughter Amy when she "grows up".

Jack managed to disarm Fraser, knocked him to the floor then repeatedly punched him in the face as he lost control.

As the bloodied and beaten lad pleaded for mercy, Jack yelled: "How brave are you now, hey? How does it feel?

"Do you know how many blokes I know who would take you apart for fun? Just one call. But why give someone else the pleasure."

Putting the knife to his trousers, Jack added: "You come back again. I'll cut them off. I swear on my kids."

Furious EastEnders fans took to Twitter after realising there was going to be a clash.

One viewer said: "I’m going to have to record the second episode of #EastEnders it’s clashing with #loveisland

Another added: "#EastEnders and #loveisland clash tonight ahh! Who’s idea was that?

A third said: "Eastenders on the same time as love island are they takin the p***"

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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