Fired BBC Apprentice candidate calls for Lord Sugar to be replaced on BBC show

The Apprentice's Amy Anzel has called for Lord Alan Sugar to be replaced by one of his aides after revealing a behind-the-scenes secret.

Amy shot to fame last January (2022) when she appeared on the popular BBC One programme headed up by Lord Sugar, and was allegedly "banned" from the final.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star following the first episode of the new series which aired last week, Amy spoke of her frustrations.

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The Hollywood Beauty Browzer business owner revealed to us that she believes Lord Sugar should be replaced by his aide Claude Littner.

"The best part of the entire episode was Claude being back," she revealed to us.

Amy added: "The show would be far better if he took over from Lord Sugar."

Amy also revealed a behind-the-scenes secret that might surprise some avid viewers of the business show.

The flame-haired beauty explained how Lord Sugar has a list of jokes that he crosses off as he goes – implying that his off-the-cuff quips are actually scripted.

She said: "Lord Sugar is exactly the same, his stupid cliché jokes that are written for him. They're on a piece of paper, in front of him, and he literally crosses them off, one by one as he says them.

"They need a new writer there because they're just as lame as they were last year."

This comes after Amy revealed to us that Lord Sugar branded her "thick" while on the show.

Recalling an incident to us, Amy said: "I remember in the boardroom once Lord Sugar said 'you're so thick' to me initially, in one of the first boardrooms."

She went on: "And I think what looking around at people like 'was he actually saying that to me?' and everyone would say afterwards, like, 'yeah, he's picking on you, but maybe it's because he knows that you're one of the stronger candidates'."

The Apprentice continues on BBC One and iPlayer this Thursday.


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