Fire Country fans expose major plot hole in first look trailer

Max Thieriot explain what inspired him to create Fire Country

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After CBS’ tense drama Fire Country came to a cliffhanger ending, fans were eager to find out Bode Donovan’s (played by Max Thieriot) fate. Although the promo video provided insight, fans were distracted by a major plot hole.  

During the mid-season finale, viewers were left on the edge of their seats as Bode a rescue mission took a turn for the worse. 

The team were called out after two siblings were trapped in a car which was balancing on the side of a bridge.

The fire captain Manny Perez (Kevin Alejandro) had planned to get the female out of the car and then deal with the unconscious driver. 

However, chief Vince Leone (Billy Burke) was triggered by the similarities over a previous crash which killed his daughter Riley and suggested the crew should secure the vehicle first. 

As the traffic building delayed the arrival of further assistance the team decided to go with Manny’s idea and rescue the passenger. 

Unwilling to let the driver die, Bode made the rash decision to climb into the teetering car and pull out the victim. 

However, as Vince helped free the driver he wasn’t able to grab Bode’s arm quick enough as the car fell off the bridge and into the water, with Bode still inside. 

Thankfully for fans, they were able to gain major insight into the upcoming episode with the release of the teaser trailer. 

Despite this, fans were quick to highlight the size and depth of the creek. 

@Lincoln stated: “That creek is suddenly a whole lot deeper than it looked in the previous episode.”

@Dee responded: “I agree. I thought for sure that creek was mostly rocks and surface water, that sure looked more like a river.”

A third viewer @Elle slammed the blunder and added: “Lazy writing. That was so predictable. Plus that creek was not that deep.”

However, user @Lori defended the show: “Well it wouldn’t be very dramatic if it weren’t deep, lol.” (sic)

During the episode, flashback scenes revealed Vince was on the scene when his son Bode and deceased daughter, Riley were pulled from the car. 

This was when he learned Riley had died during the crash which set their vehicle aflame. 

The teaser trailer confirmed Bode would receive help as Olympic diver turned firefighter Gabriela Perez (Stephanie Arcila) didn’t hesitate to jump in. 

With traffic obstructing the arrival of emergency vehicles, Gabriela dusted off her skills to save Bode, who she also has feelings for. 

The tense trailer highlighted the team’s desperation as Manny could be heard saying: “We have an inmate firefighter whose fallen over the bridge, we have no sign on his location.”

As Gabriela prepared to leap into the creek, her colleague Eve Edwards (Jules Latimer) asked: “Gabriela what are you doing?”

While a frustrated Vince fumed: “This is not happening.”

Fire Country returns to CBS on Friday, January 6. A UK release date has yet to be announced.

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