Final moments of Killing Eve revealed — as major character is shot and left for dead

THIS is the sensational finale of TV’s Killing Eve — with the leading ladies locked in a bloody clinch.

Our pictures show the concluding scene of the BBC1 drama’s final series, with Eve Polastri and nemesis Villanelle throwing their arms around each other before shots are fired.

As they glide past the London backdrop on a boat, one of them blasts the other from within their tight, emotional embrace.

But it is less clear whether a blood-stained Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, 28, or Eve, played by Sandra Oh, 50, pulled the trigger — or if either is killed.

A TV insider said: “In the spirit of the show, it’s not clear who, if anyone, has been bumped off. And it looks like the story could have been left open for another future season.

“But what is  obvious is the fact the creators have pulled out all the stops to make this a spectacular finale.

“The action certainly seemed to hook the attention of passers-by, including Londoners and tourists who couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing.

“And there was a moment of real high tension as the sound of gunshots echoed around the banks of the River Thames.”

'End it on a good note'

The show’s creator hired the ­famous Dixie Queen replica paddle steamer — a familiar sight on the Thames — for the final scene.

Tower Bridge lifted up to allow it through before it came to a halt opposite the Tower of London.

There, trained killer Villanelle is seen on the deck of the ship, where she spots Eve and they embrace.

Speaking recently, just after they started filming, Jodie was not giving anything away about how the thriller would end — or whether there would be another series.

She  said: “We’re just starting to film the final two episodes.

“It’s crazy. It’s been like four years of all of our lives and we just want to  make sure we end it on a good note that’s satisfying to the audience but also truthful to the characters.

Sometimes, if you go on and on with something, the quality fades, so I’m happy to be able to give it a good send-off.

“Sometimes, if you go on and on with something, the quality fades, so I’m happy to be able to give it a good send-off.

“It will be sad not to see those people every day. They’re kinda keeping their options open. Who knows what the future holds?”

The fourth and final series is expected to be aired next year.

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