Ferne McCann reveals she is being pursued by a rich mystery man on First Time Mum

FERNE McCann has revealed she is being pursued by a rich mystery man on First Time Mum.

The 30-year-old reality star split from Albie Gibbs earlier this year after lockdown forced them apart.

But in tonight's episode of her reality show, Ferne revealed she had a secret admirer who was showering her with gifts.

Over drinks with her friends, Ferne revealed the man – who she has nicknamed Mr C – had sent her a huge bouquet of flowers after being in her area on business.

Later in the episode, Mr C stepped up his pursuit by offering to pay for Ferne and her friends to fly to France on a private jet for a night to celebrate her 30th birthday after she had to cancel her birthday party due to the Rule of Six lockdown rule.

Speaking to him on the phone, Ferne asked him: "You are…where have you even come from?"

Talking to the camera, Ferne said: "Holy smackeroonies, Mr C has saved the day, who is this guy? Where's he come from? Has he just stepped out of a novel? I'm really excited."

Back in her dressing room with her friend, she revealed: "He said do we want to go to France for a night on a private jet."

In another piece to camera, Ferne added: "Like seriously, who organises and pays for a whole trip for a stranger and her mates?

"I can't believe Mr C isn't even coming on the trip, it would have been nice to put a face to the name."

She then told her friend: "I'm pretty woman."

Ferne previously told The Sun she wanted her next relationship to be meaningful following her split from Albie, saying: "As you get older your relationship and views towards sex really does change and I feel like whoever I meet next, I want it to be meaningful.

"When you’re younger that gets lost. I just want it to be meaningful and with someone that I really care about.”

Ferne McCann: First Time Mum continues next Sunday at 8pm on ITVBe.

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