Father Brown star Mark Williams opens up on ‘liberating’ role

Opening for Father Brown episode 10 from series 10

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The BBC series has been a hit on viewers’ TV screens since 2013 with its tenth season recently coming to an end. Mark Williams plays loveable vicar Father Brown who quickly became a fan favourite for his ability to solve murders and keep the humour going in harrowing times. Mark recently opened up about his time playing the character and admitted he felt liberated.

Discussing his love for Father Brown, Mark explained: “His nosiness! Because he’s an antihero, he can do anything.

“So one minute he can be highly amused by something and then not. I don’t have to worry about him being macho or sexually attractive or anything, so he can do exactly what works.

“That’s very liberating.”

However, it isn’t always fun and games when it comes to playing the vicar as he opened up on the hardest part of the job.

“Riding the bike can be difficult. Gravel’s your enemy on a bike. The other day, we were shooting at this hotel.

“I had to cycle along this gravel driveway which got deeper at one point. As I cycled out of shot, I ploughed into nine inches of gravel.

“I just came to a stop and toppled sideways onto the gravel. And there was a young guy working as a kitchen porter.

“He could just about see through one of these kind of prison windows, and he absolutely killed himself laughing at me falling over.

“And I felt very pleased because I definitely made his day! Ideally, you want to see somebody fall over in mud wearing a top hat and tails.

“That would get you through the shift, if not the entire week. ‘You’ll never guess what?!'”

Claudie Blakey, who plays Mrs Devine in the BBC series, recently spoke with on her confirmation of an eleventh series.

She exclaimed: “Fortunately, there is a season 11. Phew, I didn’t mess it up! My hopes going forward for Mrs Devine is for much more of the same to be honest. It’s been a dream job.

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“Tearing around the Cotswolds in my little Morris minor – performing all my own stunts of course.

“Going undercover, solving crimes and working with hugely talented actors on every episode. Feel very lucky.”

The final episode of season 10, The Serpent Within, saw Inspector Sullivan (Tom Chambers) hoping to leave Kembleford, but his plans were put to a stop.

He found himself on the other side of the law after he was arrested for receiving stolen goods, with his trust informant also getting shot.

Luckily, Father Brown and Mrs Devine realised Sullivan has been framed and worked tirelessly to clear his name.

After solving the crime, Father Brown asked: “Chief Inspector, what are you most looking forward to about being back in London?”

He replied: “Well… can I get back to you on that Father?”

The Chief Inspector decided to stay in Kembleford in the end and explained: “I find the prospect of returning to chase down corrupt police officers less appealing.

“Kembleford has some positives,” he revealed looking towards Mrs Devine.

Father Brown season 10 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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