‘Failed mess!’ Sadiq Khan accused of ‘using masks to stoke division’ on London transport

Sadiq Khan slammed by host for face mask 'division'

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Sadiq Khan has been slammed by broadcaster Dan Wootton, who has accused him of “stoking division” and called him a “failed mess”. It came after the Mayor of London has urged the government to make mask-wearing on the TFL a bylaw.

Speaking on GB News, Dan Wootton said: “What is it with the left’s increasingly craven attempts to introduce laws about what we wear and how we choose to live our lives.

“The country’s signaller in chief London’s ‘failed mass’ Sadiq Khan is today demanding the country gives him the power to make not wearing a mask on public transport illegal.

“Having travelled on the tube every day from my home in East London to our studio here in West London, I can tell Mr. Khan there would be a hell of a lot of criminals, because on many journeys, up to half the carriage hav chosen to ride on muzzled as they are legally allowed to do.”

He continued sarcastically: “Given the crime epidemic in lawless London where muggings, stabbings and burglaries are routinely ignored by law enforcement,  it astonishes me that he thinks policing, a pointless and political masked mandate would be the best use of police time.

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“Such a demand is also scattered scantly supported by facts.

“Dr Colin Axon, a top academic and professor of Medical mechanical engineering who has actually previously advised the government on ventilation, and he recently told me that here is very little to suggest face-coverings prevent the spread of COVID.”

Dan Wootton continued: “In fact, in his words, these coverings are a  little more than comfort blankets.

“As he explained so sensibly, non-medical masks actually have gaps that are invisible to the naked eye, but at least 1000 times the size of viral COVID particles.”

Sadiq Khan has urged the government to set in place a bylaw that would legally require face masks to be worn on public transport in London.

He said that not wearing one on the Tube should be a criminal offence.

Since 19 July, wearing a face-covering on public transport has been a “condition of carriage” – not a legal requirement.

This means the TFL staff can ask passengers to get off the Tube, however, they cannot fine them.

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In a statement, Sadiq Khan claimed masks would be an “extra layer of protection and additional reassurance to Londoners and visitors”.

Evidence suggests that transmission mainly happens indoors where people are close together.

Dan Wootton added: “Sadiq Khan is now using masks to try and stoke division.

“We are meant to live in a free society.”
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