'Ex on the Beach' Season 3: Who is the Rumored Cast?

Ex on the Beach is back to see if one can get over their ex while living in the same house. While MTV has not yet revealed the cast, fans believe they already know who will star in the new season. Keep reading to find out who the original singles are as well as the exes coming into the house.

What is the premise of ‘Ex on the Beach?’

Ex on the Beach is an American adaptation of Ex on the Beach UK. The show initially premiered in 2014, and the US version premiered in 2018. Ex on the Beach, hosted by Romeo Miller, casts single men and women from several reality television shows including The Challenge, Bad Girls Club, and Are You The One?

Ex on the Beach is a reality dating television show that follows singles searching for love in a house on the beach. However, they do not know until they arrive that their exes will also join them in the house. Every week, the original singles can either “cut” or “crush” an ex. A “cut” is a vote against the ex, and a “crush” cancels a “cut” out. The ex with the most “cuts” goes home, and another arrives the next day on the beach.

Who are the original singles on ‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 3?

Kenya Scott, Are You the One? 7

Kenya found her perfect match, Tevin Grant, reasonably early in Are You the One? Even though she was in a love triangle with Tevin and another contestant, Jasmine Rodriguez, people thought her and Tevin would last long outside of the house. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so Kenya is on Ex on the Beach in search of finding her real match.

Geles Rodriguez, Are You the One? 6

Geles is a former cheerleader who wants to find a guy who loves her for her. During her season of Are You the One? she had a hard time letting go of her no match, Anthony Martin. However, she has moved on and is looking for love.

Anthony Martin, Are You the One? 6

Anthony is an admitted party boy who is too nice to end toxic relationships. He had a strong connection with Geles in their season of Are You the One? However, things didn’t work out, and he moved on to Are You the One? Season 5’s Shannon Duffy. He and Shannon have since broken up, and he wants to find a stable relationship.

Billy “Nick the Gardener” Reilich, What Happens at the Abbey

Billy will make his MTV debut with Ex on the Beach Season 3. He originally appeared in reality television show, What Happens at the Abbey which features employees who work at The Abbey, a nightclub in West Hollywood, California. Billy then starred as a Fireman in 2015 Magic Mike XXL. He also worked as Nick the Gardener for The Ellen Show.

Mark Jansen, Big Brother 19

Mark debuted on television as a HouseGuest on Big Brother 19. Fans remember him from his relationship on the show with Elena Davies and almost fighting Josh Martinez when he banged pots and pans together. Mark and Elena have since broken up, and he is back on reality television looking for love.

Devin Walker, Are You the One? Season 3

Devin has appeared in both The Challenge and Are You the One? Devin’s fellow cast members on Are You the One? did not like him because of his manipulative behavior. They dubbed him “puppet master” because he played mind games with his no-match, Kiki Cooper. The relationship didn’t work out, so Devin is coming back to television to find a girl who will fit his adventurous lifestyle.

Aubrey O’Day, Making the Band 3

Aubrey made her television debut on P. Diddy’s Making the Band 3 which led to the creation of her group, Danity Kane. They experienced mild success, and when P.Diddy fired Aubrey in 2009, she embarked on an unsuccessful solo career. Her public relationships include DJ Pauly D and an affair with Donald Trump Jr. She has returned to television in hopes of finding a life long partner.

Cameron Armstrong, Boy Band

Cameron made it to the top 30 in Boy Band, but the judges eliminated him, and he is now in a boy band, AFT3RPARTY. His dad was a professional football player for the Dallas Cowboys, and he raised Cameron very athletically. However, Cameron’s real love is music. He has come to Ex on the Beach Season 3 to find a girl who can handle his lifestyle.

Marie Roda, Real World St. Thomas

Marie initially made her MTV debut on The Real World St. Thomas, however, she is most known for her Challenge appearances. Her shows have never documented any of her relationships, but fans have seen various people show up on her social media. Marie is currently single and looking to find love again.

Allie and Lexi Kaplan, artistic twins

Allie and Lexi will be making their television debut on Ex on the Beach. They are Los Angeles based and known for their massive Instagram following and obsession with pop culture. The twins could be coming on Ex on the Beach Season 3 to find guys that have the same interests as them.

Which exes will arrive for ‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 3?

Tevin Grant, Are You the One? 7 for Kenya

Elena Davies, Big Brother 19 for Mark

Anthony Bartolette, Are You the One 2 for Marie

Jessica Andreatta, Are You the One 2 for Anthony Bartolette

Shannon Duffy, Are You the One 5 for Anthony Martin

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