Everything You Need to Know About ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 6

Okay, so we don’t know how this happened, but Alabama Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette is already halfway over?! Time sure does fly watching someone else date 30 men. But, fear not all you Bachelor fans: Bachelor in Paradise is coming back on July 29 to fill the rose-shaped void in our Monday nights.

Thanks to the internet’s favorite reality-TV clairvoyant Reality Steve, there’s already plenty of intel on all the rumors for BiP season 6—which has apparently already started filming in Mexico.

Hey Beaches! #BachelorInParadise returns for a new season on Monday, July 29! 🌴

The Women

Tayshia Adams from Colton’s season has been spotted in a golf cart in Mexico, basically confirming that this birdie (geddit?) will be trying to find love in Paradise this summer.

(SPOILER): Another. Tayshia Adams down in Paradise.

Hannah Godwin, another one of Colton’s almost-baes, has also been photographed looking very Paradise-y with a cocktail in hand that is not making me jealous AT ALL.

(SPOILER): Hannah G down in Paradise today. Filming begins tmrw.

Also rumored for this season are:

The Men

Heads-up: Some of these dudes are from the ongoing season of The Bachelorette, so if you’re worried about spoilers, AVERT YOUR EYES NOW.

It looks like Dylan Barbour, from the current Bachelorette season, has been caught filming his intro for BiP. Dylan hasn’t made too much of an impact on the current season (his ABC bio isn’t even formatted properly), but Chris Harrison told us to watch out for him—so maybe the best is yet to come?

(SPOILER): And another. Dylan Barbour filming his intro for Paradise.

Some of the other rumored guys from Hannah’s season are just plain heartbreaking. Like JOHN PAUL JONES?! Sure, I may have liked a few memes that compared him to a serial killer at the start, but he’s really grown on me. Also, Connor S., Hannah’s adorable post-hospital date that left the Post-it note trail around her hotel room.

More men rumored from Hannah’s season include my personal episode 1 babe, THE BOX KING (apparently his name is actually Joe Barsano) and Old Matt Donald. There’s also Kevin Fortenberry, who I don’t particularly remember but according to the ABC cast website “won’t go anywhere that doesn’t have an available gym”—so TBH, I can see why Hannah B. will dump him. Also, just when I thought I’d never have to hear the phrase “always be Cam” again, Cam Ayala is also rumored. What else would you be, Cam?!

In fact, the only non-Hannah B. contestant rumored is Blake Horstmann from Becca’s season. That being said, more than 30 people will show up on Paradise at some point, so this list is far from complete.

The Spoilers, So Far

It seems like season 5 BiP lovebirds Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson will be getting hitched on the show:

(SPOILER): Shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise based on their recent engagement party and meeting in Paradise last year, but Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson will be getting married next week in Mexico as part of filming for “Bachelor in Paradise.”

We’ll be updating this post as soon as we hear more goss on BiP season 6.

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