Emmerdale star confirms last words she secretly whispered to soap murder victim

Emmerdale's Moira Dingle star has revisited her murderous past – and revealed the secret final words she whispered to Emma Barton before pushing her off a bridge.

Back in 2017, psychopath Emma was teetering on the edge of a viaduct after killing her ex James and causing a deadly crash, as well as accidentally shooting her own son Finn.

Moira was the one to deliver the fatal blow, pushing her backwards off the bridge to be surrounded by the ghosts of those she killed.

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At the time, Emma blamed Moira for her daughter Holly's accidental overdose and death, telling her: "The druggie? Someone else you ignored. Cain tells you that she won't stop using but you don't listen!

"You knew that he was right, deep down. But it was just easier to pretend that it wasn't happening, wasn't it? Imagine if you'd paid attention and actually noticed that there was something wrong with Holly the day that she died."

Emma went on, fuming: "If you'd just put that cup of tea down and cared enough to pull back the covers, she'd still be alive now.

"You could have saved her, Moira, but you walked out and left her to die all on her own with nobody there!"

Now, speaking to Daily Star and other press, Natalie J Robb has confirmed a secret about filming that scene – the two words she whispered to Emma before she died.

Asked whether Moira could kill to protect Kyle, she confessed: "Well I’ve already killed. I killed… at that time, it was a long time ago now. Five years ago now, because Bobby [Dunsmuir] who plays Isaac is now five, who I’ve known since he was six days old.

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"So that happened then. But the reason I pushed her off that viaduct was because she’d slated every one of my children one after the other. At the end, I was still holding my wound together and I just went, 'Oh f*** off!' I whispered that."

It seems the only circumstances in which Moira would kill, then, is for her kids.

Natalie added: "I don’t know. Moira went through a lot of guilt after that. I didn’t want to have to kill someone but she deserved it. That’s what everybody tells her!"


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