Emmerdale spoilers: Noah Dingle attacks Jacob Gallagher over shocking betrayal

THERE's a new love triangle in the Dales as Chloe Harris spends the night with Jacob Gallagher.

When learning the news, Noah Dingle loses his cool and confronts his rival in upcoming scenes of Emmerdale.

Chloe (portrayed by Jessie Elland) has stirred quite a lot of trouble since her arrival in the eponymous village and is now at the core of some relationship drama.

While she has been getting close to Noah (Jack Downham), exploring their romantic potential for weeks and even planning to run away with him, she surprisingly beds Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) in episodes due on our screens next week.

Jacob asks that she stays with him, not wanting to be alone, but regrets what happened between them the next day, leaving her annoyed.

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Months after Leanna Cavanagh's death, Jacob is still mourning the loss of his girlfriend, with whom he shared a tumultuous relationship.

He has since struggled with anger issues, especially after finding out that serial killer Meena Jutla has managed to escape justice for her crimes, which include Leanna's murder.

A disappointed Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) deduces that Noah must have spent the evening with Chloe and decides to lecture.

But Noah is confused and has no clue what to respond to the maid who has actively been trying to keep him away from Chloe and her allegedly dangerous father.

At Keepers, Chloe decides to come clean, worried that word of her night with Jacob will get to Noah before she has the chance to be honest with him.

Noah is thrown to find out that Chloe and Jacob slept together and is blinded with rage.

Furious and feeling betrayed, Noah angrily confronts Jacob over sleeping with Chloe, prompting her to profusely apologise.

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But things take a turn and Chloe is seemingly unable to quieten the fight down.

Later on, Amelia Spencer – who was once the target of a barbed comment from Chloe – spots a bruised Noah, leaving her to think that his argument with Jacob was far from civil.

Taking a chance upon seeing him in such a bad state, she offers to go for a walk with him.

Will Noah ever forgive Jacob and Chloe for their betrayal?

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

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