Emmerdale spoilers: Jai Sharma fraudulently scams Laurel for £50,000

THE aftermath of Survival Week has left Emmerdale's Jai Sharma on the brink of ruin.

But the co-owner of The Hop will be dragging Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) down with him, scamming her for a whopping £50,000.

The bridge collapse was not only bad for business, it was also bad for Jai's finances.

In a recent Emmerdale episode, the character portrayed by Chris Bisson made an application to a loan company in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy.

However, in an upcoming instalment of the long-running ITV soap, Jai will stoop to a new low by bringing his partner into the mess.

As a another loan application for £50,000 will be rejected, Jai will be switching tactics and change the name of the applicant to Laurel.

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Another drama for the beloved Emmerdale duo?

While the pair have already faced many obstacles, Jai's money struggles are proving to be too heavy to handle.

Jai's problems began in October, 2021, during Super Soap Week, when the rope of a bridge Manpreet Sharma and Charles Anderson were on gave way.

The Hop had organised a survival challenge for some village residents.

While nobody died during the collapse, The Hop management was still placed under investigation, accused of not summoning help in time for the injured.

But drama ensued as serial killer Meena Jutla made the situation go from bad to worse.

After being caught trying to drown Victoria Sugden by Andrea Tate, the evil nurse chased her prey in the maze before killing her.

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Attempting to cover up for her crime, Meena set the entire maze on fire, a gesture which has had physical and psychological repercussions on Priya Sharma.

Andrea's family have since blamed her death on The Hop, unaware that a serial killer is roaming the Yorkshire Dales.

This has led Jai to face a hefty fine, despite trying to come up with a plan to save himself any trouble.

Will he find a way out of his money woes?

How will Laurel react to his desperation?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

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