Emmerdale spoilers: Ethan Anderson in love search as Matty and Amy lend a hand

ETHAN Anderson continues his search for love next week in Emmerdale. 

The lawyer – who is played by actor Emile John in the ITV soap – was recently catfished by Victoria’s boyfriend Luke Posner.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Amy and Matty encourage Ethan to search for the one.

Will Ethan rise to the challenge?

Emmerdale viewers know that Ethan was furious to realise that the man he’d been chatting to on a dating app was in fact Luke Posner in disguise. 

Ethan discovered the truth when he told Vic and Luke that the man had blocked him and deleted his profile. 

When Ethan said the mystery man must have been put off by the beach photo he sent, Luke said: “Maybe he chickened out, or he could have a wife and kids. Or he could be some saddo. If you think that this is over, you in your speedos, you need your head testing.”

The penny dropped for Ethan as he realised he’d never mentioned any speedos. 

Accusing Luke of catfishing, he said: “My mystery app man. Turns out there’s no wife, just a girlfriend.”

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Luke denied it but when Ethan threatened to call Vic over and have her look through his phone, he panicked.

“Please don’t. I didn’t mean to lead you on, alright.”

But Ethan was having none of it and outed Luke to his mother Wendy, who then dropped the bombshell on Luke’s girlfriend Victoria. 

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