Emmerdale revenge as Kim Tate frames Will Taylor for murder?

Emmerdale: Aaron Dingle gets emotional as he leaves village

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Kim Tate (played by Claire King) recently returned to Emmerdale to rekindle her romance with Will Taylor (Dean Andrews). However, he started growing closer to Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) while the businesswoman was out of town. In upcoming scenes, Will is set to propose to Kim after she digs up DI Mark Malone’s (Mark Womack) body. Will the scheming character shop him to the police for falling for Bernice?

In the run-up to Christmas, Will becomes jealous when he believes Bernice is on a date with Dan Spencer (Liam Fox).

Later on, Bernice and Will discuss their feelings for one another, but the atmosphere soon turns tense when she gives him an ultimatum: her or Kim.

Little do they know Kim is in the next room having heard every word of their revealing conversation.

How will the conniving character handle the crushing blow about Bernice and Will?

On Christmas morning, Bernice gives Will a hopeful smile as he feels the pressure to choose between her and Kim.

Later, as he approaches DI Malone’s grave with Kim, he is alarmed to find it freshly dug up and worries that, if Kim really did hear something incriminating, this could be part of her revenge.

But she reveals that she removed the corpse so Will no longer feels tethered to her – and he can decide whether he stays or goes.

Will appears touched by the gesture and it later becomes clear that he has made his decision when he proposes to Kim.

But how will Bernice react to being rejected by Will as she was hoping he’d choose her?

Kim made an explosive return to Emmerdale last Wednesday after leaving the village to see whether she could commit to Will.

The villain caught Bernice dressed up in her glamorous designer clothing before Will walked through the front door ready to fix a kettle for Bernice.

Kim cruelly asked Bernice to return her dress as it wasn’t a colour that she could pull off, telling her the black dress “drained her shockingly”.

Standing up for herself in front of Will, Bernice replied: “Well there’s no need to be unkind.”

Will agreed and scolded Kim before telling her that Bernice didn’t mean any harm by dressing up in her clothing.

However, Kim replied: “The truth be told, I couldn’t care less about the dress, I am far more interested in hearing if you’ve missed me.”

The businesswoman then admitted she was scared of losing Will and told him she wanted to give their relationship another try.

Will agreed to patch things up with Kim and made no mention of his feelings for Bernice. 

However, now Kim has overheard Bernice and Will declaring their feelings for one another, will she start plotting her revenge?

After Will proposes to Kim, will she call the police and frame DI Malone’s murder on Will as the ultimate payback?

Emmerdale continues on weekdays at 7pm on ITV. 

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