Emmerdale Kyle fate ‘sealed’ as custody battle war begins amongst family

The tension is rising in Emmerdale next week as Kyle Winchester's hearing is fast approaching.

But with the whole family feeling apprehensive, mum Kyle's Amy has a plan of her own which leaves Matty Barton in an uncomfortable situation.

Next week, Matty fails to hide his inner conflict when he asks Amy if sole custody of Kyle is the best thing for him at this point in time.

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But knowing that his hearing is approaching Amy tries her besr=t to stay strong for terrified Kyle.

Meanwhile feeling powerless ahead of his son’s hearing, Cain strong-arms his way into Keepers to see Kyle, leaving Amy fuming at his intrusion yet again.

Seeing how important it is for Cain and Kyle to share a moment together, Caleb persuades Amy to relax.

When Kyle's solicitor phones with big new, everyone is left on tenterhooks with regards to what may happen next.

Later on, Amy spontaneously proposes to an unexpected Matty.

Moira is delighted to hear about Amy’s proposal from Matty, however she can’t help noticing his evident uneasiness.

Confiding in his mother, Matty confesses his fear that the proposal was part of Amy’s plan to get full custody of Kyle. After hearing his thoughts, Moira rages at Matty’s news regarding Amy’s custody intentions.

Later, Moira desperately tries to calm Cain as he bangs on Amy’s door, desperate to shout the odds over her plan to get full custody of Kyle.

But will Amy's plan go ahead?


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