Emmerdale hints Meena Jutla will murder Leanna Cavanagh as they have terrifying confrontation

EMMERDALE has hinted Meena Jutla will murder Leanna Cavanagh after a shock confrontation.

The killer nurse – who is played by actress Paige Sandhu in the ITV soap – has kept a box full of trophies from her past that suggest she’s been up to more than just making keepsakes.

But in tonight’s episode her carefully curated box of evil went missing – and it soon emerged that the rucksack she was hiding it in had been given away.

Manpreet had taken her rucksack and given it to Liam Cavanagh for his daughter Leanna to take travelling with her.

She hadn’t realised there was something in it – despite it being a huge box.

And neither did Liam who simply packed presents for Leanna on top of the box and left it in her room for her to find.

Unfortunately as Leanna did find it – Meena broke into their house and was determined to get it back.

Appearing behind Leanna as she went through the bag, Meena turned nasty.

In her shock Leanna dropped the bag and the pride collection fell out – and she realised Meena was responsible.

“What the hell, Meena?” she said, fronting up to the nurse.

“Why is it in your rucksack? Oh my God, it wasn’t Jacob. It was you – and that’s why you’re here.”

Meena denied all knowledge and was determined to get her belongings back – but Leanna refused.

Letting out an evil cackle, Meena told her: “Let’s start again.

“I want the bag and everything that was inside it back right now.”

Now fans are convinced Leanna will be murdered by Meena.

One wrote: ""Watching this weeks episodes to find out who Meena kills. Guessing it’s Leanna. It’s the most likely to me. #Emmerdale""

A second said: "Either Jacob or Leanna croaks it methinks. #emmerdale"

Another added: ""I reckon Leanna gets killed by Meena #Emmerdale""

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