Emmerdale had to axe Meena's character after staggering 25 crimes

Emmerdale writer Sharon Marshall has discussed the soap’s Meena storyline, addressing why it must conclude soon. 

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, on which the scriptwriter hosts a regular slot dissecting the soaps for viewers, she was asked by Phillip Schofield whether there was some ‘analysis’ at play when the team were planning Meena’s comeuppance. 

Sharon replied: ‘We do love the serial killers and go: “Is there a way to keep them in? Can people get away with it?”’

When it comes to soapland, this is a fair point to muse over – with many characters committing murder and being lucky enough to get away with their actions for many years. 

But as Sharon explained, given the depth of Meena’s (Paige Sandhu) depravity this wasn’t going to be a valid option for the twisted psychopath. 

‘We said: “Is there a way legally she could go through this, if she pleads a certain way?” The research team read out 25 counts of illegal activity that she’d done just on-screen that we knew about, probably more off-screen.’ 

‘She’d broken the law 25 times, so probably not,’ Sharon added. 

Meena is due in court this week as the day of her plea hearing dawns, and the soap has teased that she will plead guilty to her first charge – but you’ll have to tune in to find out what happens next. 

Meena’s tormented sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) will be seen struggling under the enormous pressure of knowing she is the star witness – and therefore the only person who can bring Meena down. 

As Manpreet suffers a terrifying panic attack, she will worry partner Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) when she disappears into the night. 

Meena’s reign of terror may be heading towards it’s climax, but there’s clearly still some way to go before her exit. 

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