Emmerdale fans in a panic when police detain Will Taylor as a suspect for Malone's disappearance

EMMERDALE fans panicked tonight that Will Taylor could be locked up for life over the disappearance of DI Malone – as his real killers walk free.

Fans of the stocky mechanic worried as police asked him in for questioning and appeared convinced he'd played a part in DI Malone's fate.

Will who knows nothing about the real fate of the "dodgy" cop, tells his worried fiancé Harriet and daughter Dawn that he has to go to the station.

Dawn finally put a stop to Malone's reign of terror in the ITV soap by shooting the dodgy detective three times.

A sweaty Will returns from a jog and says he's off for a shower before heading out.

"I just got a call from police and they want me to help them with their enquiries," a perplexed Will tells the pair.

When Dawn asks why they want to speak to him, Will replies, "take one guess, Malone. I'm guessing he's not resurfaced yet."

The two women eager to keep a lid on the shocking secret offer to go with Will to the station.

Will, completely ignorant to their intentions, quickly reminding vicar Harriet that she has a meeting to go to and that Dawn needs to stay home to look after Lucas.

But Harriet had some instructions for her man.

"Tread carefully, stick to the truth as much as you can. Tell them what Dawn's already told them.

"That man was responsible for putting you in prison, tried to get you involved in drugs again, you refused.

"Just let them take the lead, just don't say anything that might come back on you."

Later in the episode, DS Wise grills Will in an interrogation room.

The stern cop also tried to get Will to break by bringing up Malone's history with Harriet.

Fans could not believe Will might be facing jail again because of DI Malone and expressed their anger on Twitter.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "Will’s gonna get done for the disappearance of Malone, I’m telling ya!!"

Another fan said: "I reckon William will go down for what they did"

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