Emmerdale fans blast Doug Potts exit plans insisting he would not be allowed to live in Australia – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans blasted Doug Potts exit plans by insisting he would not be allowed to live in Australia.

The Sun Online exclusively revealed actor Duncan Preston quit the soap after nearly 13 years playing the character.

Doug's exit storyline involves him wanting to move to Australia after visiting the country for Sandy Thomas' funeral.

The character died off-screen after the actor passed away in real life, so Laurel Thomas, son Arthur and dad Doug attended down under.

In Wednesday's episode, they returned, leaving Doug feeling a bit discontent back in the Dales.

Laurel could see something was up, stating: "You've been in a funny mood since we left Australia."

"Well, maybe that's because I didn't want to… leave, that is," Doug replied.

Laurel asked if something happened for him to have this change of heart, which left Doug opening up about his own feelings of mortality.

He said: "Well, you could say that. The fact is, that, and there's no easy way to say this… Betty has offered to let me have Sandy's apartment."

He continued: "Losing Sandy has made me think of my mortality. All the more reason to cram as much as I can while I'm still fit enough to enjoy it. I mean, it's not as if my life's been a fun-packed adrenaline ride so far. Has it?"

However, viewers slammed his move to Australia – as the visa restrictions wouldn't allow him to move down.

One person said: "Someone tell me how Doug is able to just upsticks and move to Australia.. he must be in 70's so how does he get a visa"

Another added: "So Doug at an age of 60+ is just going to up sticks & move to Australia. I’m not aware under their immigration policy it would be allowed"

A third remarked: "#emmerdale really??? Do your research. Doug cant just emigrate to Australia unless hes got huge amount of cash. Takes a year as well to try get a permanent Visa. Be realistic"

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