Emmerdale Amelia’s baby daddy identity theories as fans adamant it’s not Samson

Emmerdale fans are convinced Samson Dingle is not the father of Amelia Spencer's baby.

The 15-year-old, played by Daisy Campbell, revealed last week that Samson was the one who got her pregnant after months of speculation.

Samson didn't take the news he was going to be a father very well, screaming at Amelia down the street and demanding her to get an abortion.

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But the teen decided she wanted to keep the baby and the duo are now figuring out how best to raise their child.

But while the paternity riddle seems to be solved, fans aren't convinced.

With plenty of other suggestions when it comes to who the 'real' father is, they have taken to social media with their theories.

Heath Hope

Despite not being seen in a while, many have speculated that Heath Hope could be the father as it's the perfect way to give him a new storyline.

And as Amelia shares a close friendship with Heath's twin sister, Cathy, the idea is more than believable.

Taking to Reddit with this theory, one viewer penned: "I think it'll be Heath. He's been very quiet recently and it would be nice for him to have a storyline."

Another agreed: "My mum thinks it’s Heath because he never gets screen time so this would be an excuse to give him a storyline.

"I reckon Heath is the dad… he hasn’t had a good storyline," said a third as another echoed: "I think it’s Heath, Bob’s son!"

While someone else theorized: "I've just had a thought – Amelia's baby daddy isn't Heath is it? Cos he's about the same age as her #Emmerdale."

Arthur Thomas

Arthur Thomas is another character who has crossed soap fans' minds as many believe this would be a "shocking" outcome.

Despite not having many scenes with Amelia, the son of Laurel and Ashley is certainly still in the running as one person speculated: "What about Arthur? That would be a shock; two of the vicar's children having kids before marriage."

Another penned: "I actually hope it's someone shocking. I like the idea of it being Arthur, could bring some drama."

"I saw somebody saying it was Arthur and I was disgusted because I thought he was like 10, but apparently he’s 15 so it could be him," commented another fan.

While someone else speculated: "I'm guessing it's either going to be someone random or someone like Heath or Arthur who we don't see a lot of."


Although the idea of Noah being the father has pretty much been shut down, some fans remain unconvinced and believe he could turn out to be the dad after all.

"Why have I got a feeling that Noah is the father of Amelia's baby after all? Although he denied it," said one fan.

A second agreed: "I think Noah is lying when he said a few weeks ago he wasn't the father of Amelia's baby."

However, many believe that Noah being revealed as the father is too "predictable," with many fuming at the prospect.

"Well Noah being the potential baby daddy was predictable #emmerdale," said one fan.

While another penned: "Imagine after all this and Noah is the father…"

Mackenzie Boyd

Despite being in a relationship with Charity, some fans believe Mackenzie Boyd could be involved.

The pair have suffered greatly recently after finding out Charity's pregnancy was ectopic.

After a heated debate about trying for another baby, things turned awry and Mackenzie ended up in bed with another woman.

Therefore if he was willing to cheat on Charity now, who's to say he hasn't done it before?

"Mackenzie is having an affair behind charity’s back it’s not Amelia is it and that’s his baby that she’s carrying #Emmerdale," asked one fan.

A second said: "Speculation is rife on Facebook etc. that it’s Mackenzie. I bloody hope not I love that guy!," while another took to Facebook and claimed: "Still say Makenzie."


Viewers were stunned when Kit began sleeping with both Laurel and Gabby, leading them to believe that he could've easily slept with Amelia too.

And several think Amelia is lying about Kit in order to protect him.

Taking to Twitter, one said: "#Emmerdale Samson is no way the real father, it’s Kit all the way and Amelia is lying to protect him."

Another exclaimed: "What the hell, Kit's making himself busy, working his way through the village," as another comment read: "Kit for the dad of Amelia’s baby!"

"Kit," simply stated a Facebook user when asked about the father's real identity.

Jacob Gallagher

Another name that has been thrown into the mix is Jacob Gallagher.

It is thought that Amelia fell pregnant some time in March which is a similar time to when the Emmerdale teens had a party in the café.

Amelia was reduced to tears when Noah was horrible to her, therefore could she have found comfort in Jacob who attended the same party?

"I still reckon the baby dad is jacob #emmerdale," theorized one.

"It’s Jacob’s baby 100%," another wrote on Facebook.

Someone else said: "Not too much of a stretch for it to be Jacob though I guess… some speculation suggests she’s keeping quiet because the father is much older than her.."

While a fourth hypothesised: "I'm thinking Jacob could be the dad."

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7.30pm

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