Ellen DeGeneres slammed for her $270 Be Kind gift boxes as customers complain they never 'received' theirs

ELLEN DeGeneres is being slammed for her $270 Be Kind gift boxes as customers are complaining that they have not "received" theirs yet.

The TV host has been promoting the box which she states is “all about spreading kindness and highlights brands that do the same.”

Paying customers have not been happy about the gift boxes which include earbuds, a painting set, a collapsible cup, and a gold "hope" necklace.

One customer wrote: "Still waiting to get mine. When are they being mailed out?"

Another chimed in: "Why is the customer service for this SO HARD TO GET AHOLD OF!! We can only contact by email?! But they don't respond?!

"So irritated with these boxes and this service."

While one person added: "Never got my summer box, can't get anyone to respond to my emails…I don't even have an account anymore for some reason, but I still have my invoice."

Others people who have received the box weren't happy about the contents of the box as one revealed, "My ear buds don't work & cannot get ahold of anyone!!!" while one said: "The headphones in my box don’t work very well – very disappointed in the quality."

All this comes as Ellen, 62, spent the summer deal with "toxic" workplace claims, which eventually led to a shakeup as three of the show's producers, Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman, were fired.

A source previously told The Sun exclusively: “It was never a ‘kind’ place. Ellen’s ‘be kind’ philosophy was never mentioned to us when we were working.

"I'm speaking out because I'm worried the people who enabled that 'toxic' environment' to happen have got away with it and they're still working there."

The TV personality would eventually respond to the "toxic" allegations as according to The Hollywood Reporter she told her staff: “I care about each and every one of you. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

"I feel like I’ve kind of let the ball drop a bit because I’m focused on the show, I go in and I do the show, and I’ve just let everybody to do their jobs – to run different departments."

She continued: "And it just became a well-oiled machine, and I think that is the problem. It’s not a machine. This is people. These are human beings that are working hard every single day to put this together.

"This show would not be what it is without all of you. It’s become the show that it is because of all of you. So if we have forgotten you somehow – any of us – I’m sorry."

However, this week, an employee of The Ellen DeGeneres Show revealed to BuzzFeed News that at least 17 people were laid off from the team, which originally consisted of 80 people.

Ellen responded: "Know that we believe in you and I know this is hard for y’all to hear, and we are here for you.”

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