Ellen DeGeneres ‘could lose partnerships with big-name companies’ like Walmart after reports of ‘toxic’ workplace

ELLEN DeGeneres may see "big-name" companies turn their backs on her in the wake of toxic work environment allegations.

In the last couple of weeks, countless former employees have accused The Ellen Show of everything from bullying to racism to sexual harassment, and all the chaos may lead companies to end their relationships with the talk show host.

In an interview with Fox Business, Nandi Welch, partner and head of business strategy for the brand strategy consultancy Rupture Studio, explained the impact that all of the allegations can have for the comedian.

She said: “Ultimately, everything that happens on the show is associated with her and brands are partnering with her because they want to trade in on the perception that she’s a kind, loving person and being painted as a racist or someone who runs an organization that tolerates racism or undercutting union rights does not go along with that."

She added: "Brands partner with people like Ellen, or discontinue partnerships with figures that get in trouble because they’re trying to let the world know what they stand for."

Plenty of well-known names have teamed up with Ellen, including Walmart, Petsmart, Wayfair, and even Bed, Bath and Beyond, but their relationship with her is now up in the air.

Ellen, 62, has continued to be blasted recently, and while she has apologized, many of her workers aren't buying it.

Two former staff members exclusively told The Sun that employees believeEllen’s "apology and denial that she knew anything was going on" regarding the alleged work misconduct is “complete bull.”

The insiders said: “For over a decade Ellen has treated her staff poorly, which is ironic because of her persona when she is on camera.

“She is literally like two different people. One is awful, power-hungry and constantly yells at everyone for any little that goes wrong with the production of the show.

“The other character that Ellen plays is what the world sees – a hilarious, kind and giving woman who is a fearless advocate for the LGBTQ community.”

The sources said that some workers “could not handle it anymore and quit.”

They continued: "The show has such a high turnover rate. But up until now, everyone was terrified to say anything because they feared her power. She would let people know that they have the ‘best gig in town’ and how lucky they were to be working for her and how so many people would die to be in their shoes.

"Ellen is grabbing for air. This investigation is going to reveal the truth and it will most likely tank her show and her career.

"She cannot go on living a lie and treating people this way. Her reputation and disgusting behavior has finally caught up with her.”

Many celebrities have also spoken out against Ellen including Everybody Loves Raymond alum Brad Garrett who tweeted, "Sorry but it comes from the top @TheEllenShow. Know more than one who were treated horribly by her. Common knowledge."

This was a comment that actress Lea Thompson also agreed with as she said, "True story. It is."

While Ellen still has her gig at the forefront of the show, there is already a replacement in mind: James Corden.

TV insiders exclusively told The Sun: "Replacing Ellen was always going to be a tough challenge, but he is a natural fit and easy transition.

"James would freshen up daytime and with a free hand would be allowed to build a new afternoon era."

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