Eight Corrie exits, Maya Emmerdale return, EastEnders twist and 17 more spoilers

High drama is ahead in the soaps as ever as brand new spoilers and pictures are here. Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) just can’t stay away from Emmerdale but she may have met her match while quite a few folk are saying temporary goodbyes in Coronation Street.

Step across to EastEnders and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) has his more human side exposed as he remembers Paul Coker and opens up to Callum Highway (Tony Clay) while in Hollyoaks, James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) and Harry Thompson (Parry Gasspool) are on a knife edge.

Other spoilers include Corrie’s double arrest, a major new feud over in Walford, a shock in store for Kim Tate (Claire King) in Emmerdale and some more shocking action from Ste Hay (Keiron Richardson) in Hollyoaks.

Coronation Street

As Nick tries to coax David into taking the blame for the theft, the brothers are arrested and David decides to tell the full truth to the police about who stole the money. With the pair at each others’ throats, Gail implores Audrey to drop the charges.

Gemma collapses after her morning sickness takes a turn for the worse and as she and Chesney have a scan at the hospital, they are rocked to learn that they are expoecting quadruplets but quickly decide against selective termination.

Peter visits a shaken and vulnerable Carla and the doctors reveal that they are moving her to a unit in Carlisle where she can get the best care. As Peter announces that he will be going with her, he is touched when Simon asks to join them.


Kat and Stacey work together to try and build bridges between Kush and Martin but when Kat lets slip that Kush wants joint custody of Arthur, Stacey flips and tells Kat that she is no longer family for even entertaining the idea.

Robbie returns to Walford with Sami in tow and Sonia is glad to spend time with them. But when Sonia catches Robbie outright lying and he ignores texts from Nita wishing Sami a safe flight home, what is he hiding?

Phil disgusts Louise when he suggests that he will pay for a termination for her and she soon turns the tables on him by issuing a threat. Not giving up, Phil asks Ben to prove how hard parenting is to Louise but she sees right through the ploy.


After Kim gets into an argument with a woman, she later turns out to be Jamie’s wife and she has arrived with their daughter Millie in tow. As Jamie suggests they move in, Kim bristles as it’s clear she and Andrea won’t be getting along very well.

Victoria confides in Robert that she has decided that she wants to go ahead with her pregnancy and he is horrified, telling her that he can’t support the idea. Meanwhile, Victoria opens up to the likes of Marlon and Matty about what she has been through.

Maya sneaks around the village trying to catch a moment with Jacob and when Eric clocks her and tries to call the police, she cuts off the call. Eric tells her if she tells Jacob she doesn’t love him then disappears, he won’t report her.


Harry is horrified when Sadie turns up unannounced in the village and he realises that she hasn’t been to the police yet. But when James arrives home, it leads him to force Harry into making a very difficult choice but what will he do?

Peri is delighted to be asked by Liberty to be a bridesmaid but Ste is less than impressed and when he sees that Peri is trying on traditional dresses for the ceremony, he flips and tries to force her to take it off.

Cleo advertises for a flatmate for Joel and when Cindy expresses an interest, they end up getting on well, which makes Goldie jealous. Goldie does all that she can to try and talk them out of moving in together.


(Picture: ITV)

  • Norris and Freda say their goodbyes to Coronation Street but Norris realises how much he will miss everyone.
  • Callum finds Ben deep in thought in Paul’s old room in EastEnders.
  • A disgusted Breda is unimpressed with Mercedes’ state in Hollyoaks.
  • Dev and the twins leave Coronation Street to spend time with a dying uncle.
  • Charity is touched as Vanessa is house hunting for them in Emmerdale.
  • Lisa accuses Liam of being involved in Grace’s accident in Hollyoaks.
  • Billy tells Honey that Adam is cheating in EastEnders.
  • There are sparks between Jai and Laurel in Emmerdale.

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