EastEnders tragedy sees Kat Moon die in fire as Janine Butcher makes explosive return?

Eastenders: Brand new trailer sees return of Janine

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Janine (played by Charlie Brooks) was last seen in the Square back in 2014. She fled after being shunned by EastEnders residents after getting away with the murder of Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd). But her much-anticipated return has had fans trying to work out what chaos she may bring with her this time. Friday’s episode of the BBC soap saw what seems to be the first indication of Janine’s comeback after it emerged that Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall) had secretly been in contact with Scarlett (Tabitha Byron). When Kat (Jessie Wallace) tracked them down, Tommy informed her that Scarlett had been living in care and begged her to let her stay. It seems Janine won’t be far behind her daughter, with a recent trailer indicating she would be back in Albert Square soon. Some viewers have theories her return will coincide with a disastrous fire set to rip through Walford – could Kat end up getting killed?

On Friday’s instalment, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Kat voiced their concerns about the possibility of Janine coming back.

Whitney remarked: “I swear if Janine pops out from behind a bin…”

“Listen,” Kat replied. “You’d know if Janine was here. There’d be blood pouring out of the taps.”

The new trailer sees Walford’s residents happily going about their lives before Janine appears.

Could this mean she will bring with her a trail of destruction?

Some fans have guessed she will be responsible for a huge fire they believe will take place in future episodes, with the strong character out for revenge.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “OMG can’t wait to see Kat and Janine come to blows. #EastEnders.”

Another commented: “Janine is going to kick off when she hears that Kat has been talking to Scarlett! Can’t wait for the drama. #EastEnders.”

A third penned: “There are going to be SOOO many catfights when Janine returns…watch out Kat. #EastEnders.”

EastEnders bosses have released a first look at Charlie Brooks as she makes an explosive comeback in the role of scheming Janine.

Janine always has a plan in mind, so if she’s returning to the Square, it’s likely she is after something.

Could she have got her daughter to feign a story about her mother no longer being in the picture in order to find out more about Kat and Tommy?

Tommy and Scarlett are in fact half siblings, although at the moment they believe they are cousins.

Kat is scared to tell Tommy the truth, believing he will never forgive her.

On Reddit, one fan theorised: “Rumour is that the fire will involve Scarlett (Janine’s daughter) and Tommy (Kat’s son) who are half siblings. Scarlett apparently starts the fire.”

Janine has bad blood with most people who knew her, including Kat.

After she killed Michael, she blackmailed Kat into giving her a false testimony.

If she’s trying to use Scarlett to delve into Kat’s life further, could she want something from her?

Now that Kat is with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), the pair seem to have their hands full with business ventures.

The couple now own the laundrette and the cab company – could Janine be using Tommy to try to get their money?

Janine’s past proves she’ll do anything to get her hands on people she believes has cash, so it seems likely that she’s become unsure of her next move and is turning to Walford to see what kind of financial gain she can make.

But in the inevitable upheaval of her return, could things turn dangerous?

Putting various rumours together, many viewers do think there will be an upcoming disaster on the soap, and that Janine will be at the centre of it.

If a fire breaks out, it could be that Janine has something to do with it. It’s possible that Scarlett does start the blaze in an attempt to get revenge on her mother for using her and keeping secrets which are bound to spill out.

But if Tommy and Scarlett continue to secretly meet up, it’s possible he might be with her as the dangerous fire spreads.

In attempts to protect her son, Kat might put herself in danger and tragically end up in big trouble.

With Janine intent on scheming her way to whatever it is she’s after, Scarlett could turn against her manipulative ways after growing close to Tommy.

The fire could be the schoolgirl’s way of taking drastic action to prove a point, but it may end in tears.

Will Janine’s return see Kat’s final episodes? Fans seem to think this is possible.

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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