EastEnders theory: Chrissie Watts returns to take revenge on Sam Mitchell

EastEnders: Sam Mitchell takes over the family business

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Iconic character Sam Mitchell (played by Kim Medcalf) returned to Walford after years away from EastEnders. Eagle-eyed viewers with a brushed-up history of the soap have since pointed out a return for Chrissie (Tracy-Ann Oberman) could be on the horizon too. After spotting hints from the actress, several have been left more certain than ever the well-known character will be coming back. Could the murderer plan to return to Albert Square to get her revenge on Sam?

Chrissie left Walford in 2005 after murdering husband Den Watts (Leslie Grantham).

Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan) and Sam were present at the time and a violent struggle between the four kicked off.

Chrissie dealt the fatal blow which eventually killed the iconic Den, but the three women all faced consequences of the murder.

All three women had motives to kill Den, so Chrissie tried to frame Sam and Zoe.

Sam lost The Vic to Den after a corrupt scheme meant Den took back his old pub.

The Mitchells had enjoyed owning the Vic for years and Sam’s failure to secure it came as a huge blow to the family.

Chrissie manipulated Sam into taking revenge on Den, but took things further than anyone had expected when she whacked him on the head, causing him to die instantly.

The three women buried Den in The Vic’s cellar, but Zoe believed she had been the one to kill Den, and in return for her silence over the truth, Sam demanded the pub back.

Eventually, Sam smashed up Den’s grave and dug up his body, hoping Chrissie would be arrested for his murder.

Her plan backfired though, and Sam ended up being arrested.

Although Chrissie was eventually found guilty, Sam has lived in fear of running into her again.

17 years on, it would make sense for Chrissie to have served her time in prison, and she may be determined to get revenge.

Upon hearing Sam is back in Walford, Chrissie could decide to head back to the Square and ruffle a few feathers.

Her return would certainly leave Sam shaken and left wondering if Chrissie will want revenge for taking the fall for Den’s death.

Chrissie could return under the guise she is a changed woman, luring Sam into a false sense of safety.

However, when the two women are alone, Chrissie could strike and leave the Mitchell woman for dead before going on the run.

Or, after hearing Sam is in more trouble and blackmailing Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), she could report her to the police. 

Fans of the BBC soap are convinced Chrissie is making a return after one noticed actress Tracy-Ann sent a message on Twitter to the soap’s producer Chris Clenshaw.

She wrote: “Hi Chris can you give me a follow please,” before another tweet which indicated she was filming something.

“Ooh I love a nightshoot #filming,” the 55-year-old posted, which got fans talking.

Many took to Twitter to express their excitement. @NathanHowcroft7wrote: “Just seen that Tracy-Ann Oberman could be making a come back to BBC Eastenders hope this is true.”

@ThomTellyAddict penned: “@TracyAnnO back on the Square for a showdown with Queen Sharon??? Yes please @chris_clenshaw #EastEnders.”

@Momma2MyB0YZ added: “I pray for you return @TracyAnnO I love you and loved your character so much please come back x.”

“Maybe one day I just really want Chrissie To return Zoe would be a bonus so fingers crossed @TracyAnnO returns even for a short stint I just think it would be awesome,” posted @James49401648.

DannyGr64244602 added: “Bring back @TracyAnnO if there was ever a time for Chrissie to return it’s now.”

@EEFan1999 stated: “We need @TracyAnnO to return as Chrissie Watts @bbceastenders!!! Take notes. Having #KimMedcalf return as Sam is a perfect opportunity. #eastenders #makeithappen.”

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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