EastEnders spoilers: Patrick Trueman worries as son Isaac Baptiste refuses to take his medication

PATRICK Trueman worries as his son Isaac Baptiste refuses to take his medication next week in EastEnders. 

Isaac has been diagnosed with schizophrenia but stopped taking his medication several weeks ago after growing convinced he’d been misdiagnosed. 

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In scenes set to air next week, Patrick returns the things that Isaac stole to Ruby and Martin.

Ruby is shocked but Martin empathises with Patrick after what happened with Stacey and offers him some advice. 

Later in the week, Jean checks in on Lola and offers some advice on Isaac, and Sheree tells the school that Isaac needs some time off.

Patrick later finds Isaac looking for the diaries and, when he refuses to drop it, Patrick grows worried. 

Patrick wants to call Rafe but Sheree explains Isaac can’t be forced into taking his medication.

With Isaac desperate to get revenge on Ruby, how far will he go?

Viewers have watched Isaac’s family grow increasingly worried about Isaac’s erratic behaviour in recent weeks after he stopped taking his medication.

Isaac has become obsessed with his brother Paul, who died back in 2004, and grown convinced that Johnny Allen, Ruby’s dad, had a role to play in his murder. 

Things escalated quickly last week when Isaac broke into Ruby’s in order to retrieve her father’s business diaries to prove his research.

He then locked Ruby in her office at the club and accused her of covering up Paul’s death, before accusing his whole family of covering up Paul’s murder when they arrived.

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