EastEnders spoilers: Kheerat Panesar hides relationship with Sharon Watts to get Ben Mitchell to protect Jags in prison

THE budding romance between Kheerat and Sharon continues to bloom – as long as Ben doesn’t find out.

EastEnders fans saw Sharon Watts embark on an affair with Kheerat Panesar.

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Sharon met up with Kheerat after she learned Phil and Kat were an item.

But Suki isn’t happy when she returns to the Square and discovers Kheerat’s new dalliance with the former landlady. 

Viewers will remember that Suki framed Jags for the attack against Martin and got him sent to prison after he revealed his relationship with Habiba to the family. 

Could Kheerat be in trouble?

Suki is worried about Jags and Kheerat suggests asking Ben to help.

To ensure he’s on Ben’s good side, Kheerat asks Sharon to keep their relationship quiet.

Kheerat asks Ben for help protecting Jags in prison and Ben tells him to consider it done.

Later in the week, Kheerat checks in on Sharon and opens up about Chantelle.

Suki makes a dramatic return next week.

She asks Phil for a loan for reasons she’s not willing to divulge.

But Phil refuses to give her one. 

Later, after Vinny mentions Kheerat’s mystery woman, Suki bursts in on Sharon and Kheerat at Walford East. 

Suki then messages Stas and asks him to meet her at the Minute Mart. 

When Kheerat discovers she’s been contacting Stas behind his back, he’s annoyed but Suki explains that Jags has got himself into trouble in prison.

In recent episodes, Sharon was left fuming when Zack tries to turn on the charm with potential clients at the launch, and Kheerat promised to have a word. 

Kheerat lured and trapped Zack in the locker room to stop him from causing any more trouble.

Nancy heard Zack and let him out, but he ended up punching Kheerat in retaliation.

Kheerat tries to apologise but Sharon is furious and orders Zack to pack his bags and leave. 

Sharon and Linda also finally made peace with one another.

EastEnders continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One.

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