EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell reeling after unexpected phone call from Pam Coker

BEN Mitchell is left reeling after Pam Coker delivers some life changing news next week in EastEnders. 

Ben had a relationship with Pam’s grandson Paul but it cruelly ended when Paul was murdered in a homophobic attack by a gang of men back in 2016. 

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Pam departed from the Square the same year but returned in 2019 to give Ben advice about his blossoming relationship with Callum.

In scenes set to air next week, Frankie questions whether it makes sense for Ben to stay mad at Phil, who's still unhappy about Callum's big betrayal, if it’s making him so miserable. 

But later, a drunk Ben has some harsh words for his dad, who then meets Denise and drops a bombshell.

Later, at the pub, Callum suggests Ben should apologise to Phil but they’re interrupted when he storms in with Kat and announces Ritchie is too busy to help with his case for Raymond.

Ben offers to help with a solicitor, but Phil leaves.

He comes crawling back to Ben, however, when Gray lets him down and they organise to meet in the pub for the football. 

Ben gets an unexpected call from Pam and stands Phil up, but what does Pam have to say and why is she reaching out to Ben?

EastEnders viewers were left in shock after Phil learned that Callum had gone undercover to get him arrested last year. 

Callum confessed to Ben and the pair split before getting back together ahead of their wedding. 

But Stuart put his foot in things when he accidentally blabbed about Callum’s huge betrayal to Phil, who vowed to kill Callum for what he’d done.

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