EastEnders reveals big storyline ahead for Mick, Linda and Ollie

EastEnders has revealed a huge storyline for Linda and Mick Carter (Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer) as they fear their youngest son Ollie could be autistic.

The couple attended an appointment with their four-year-old son where they were told their Ollie is showing signs of autism.

The scenes will kick off the emotional journey for the Carters as they begin the autism assessment process with Ollie.

EastEnders are handling the issue as sensitively as possible and are working together with the National Autistic Society on the storyline, that will run over the coming weeks.

Jane Harris, Director of External Affairs at the National Autistic Society said: ‘We were absolutely delighted when EastEnders contacted us about this storyline.

‘We jumped at the chance to be involved because we recognised that it was a fantastic opportunity to help millions of viewers understand more about the autism assessment process and what families go through in order to get a diagnosis.’

Jon Sen, executive producer on the soap, said the storyline is simply continuing the soap’s long-running tradition of tackling ground-breaking stories that will resonate with viewers.

‘When Mick and Linda start to worry about Ollie’s behaviour, they face various challenges as they search for the answers necessary to help their son,’ he said.

‘EastEnders has been privileged to work closely with the National Autistic Society to accurately depict the pressure and struggles that can be felt by parents as they begin this journey.’

The loving couple recently squashed plans to try for another baby as they decided to focus on Ollie after he displayed unusual behaviour.

The Queen Vic landlady’s concern for her son’s well-being stemmed from an accident he had in 2016 when he fell out of his high chair.

At the time initial tests showed Ollie was fine and there was no lasting damage, but when he kicked Denny for no apparent reason several weeks back, Linda began to worry again.

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