EastEnders fans horrified as Tiffany Butcher caught in ‘intimate’ moment in pub

EastEnders fans were left horrified and also in hysterics after Raine Highway embarrassed Tiffany Butcher during tonight's episode.

Fans tuning in for the BBC soap couldn't believe what they were hearing after Raine so boldly asked Tiffany about her period in the middle of the busy Queen Vic.

Tiffany, who has agreed to carry Raine's baby for her, looked gobsmacked after Raine asked her the personal question in the heaving pub.

Kicking off the awkwardness, Raine said: "Ooh, Tiff. I've been meaning to ask. When was your last period?"

Mid tucking into her grub, a shocked Tiffany looked up at Raine.

Sensing the uncomfortableness, Raine continued: "For the app.

"See, we can track the cycle right and you can make any notes about if there is any sign of ovulating.

"Cramping is a big sign…" before she was interrupted by her husband Stuart.

While eating, Stuart ordered: "Right, that's enough."

Raine hit back: "What, Stuart? It is a medical term."

"I don't care," Stuart replied.

To which Tiffany responded: "Yeah, I'm sorry I'm with Stuart on this one."

Fans couldn't believe how uncomfortable the scene was and rushed to their Twitter accounts to share their thoughts.

One tweeted: "Feel sorry for Tiffany with rainie shouting ‘when was you’re last period’ across the pub.. not needed #EastEnders."

A second wrote: "Who talks about period when someone's eating? Ew #EastEnders."

"When your last period” that’s not sort thing you shout out in vic! #Eastenders," another wrote followed by a laughing emoji.

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