EastEnders drops shocking hint Gray Atkins murdered his own mother

EASTENDERS has hinted Gray Atkins murdered his own mother after revealing his parents knew about his abusive behaviour from childhood.

The lawyer – who is played by actor Toby Alexander Smith in the BBC soap – has previously claimed his father was a violent abusive man, but tonight the truth was revealed.

He was summoned to his father's death bed but far from a violent psychopath, Gray's father was a mild-mannered man who confronted his son about his abusive behaviour – and hinted that Gray killed his mother.

"We should have held you to account," he told Gray. 

"We should have nipped it in the bud. We should not have allowed you to disappear from our world to do who knows what. 

"It's tortured me, what brushing it all under the carpet might have allowed you to become. You still have your anger issues, don't you? 

"I saw it online yesterday – I found out yesterday that your wife died a year ago in a domestic accident. I'm scared for you. 

"I'm scared of what you will do Gray. How did Chantelle die? Tell me I didn't make a mistake listening to your mother."

But far from confessing to his vile crimes, Gray tried to manipulate his dad – and then threatened him.

He said: "I'm sorry dad, I'm sorry you're unwell, I'm sorry I'm not the son you wanted, I'm sorry you don't like me. 

"But what you're saying is slander – you have no evidence. Must be the drugs you're on, you're not of sound mind. I hope you find peace and I hope it comes quickly."

Viewers were sickened by Gray's actions and think he killed his mother.

One wrote: "Oh my God, did Gray hurt his mum?!!! The plot thickens, he's a serial abuser, we knew"

A second said: "OMG Gray attacked his mum when he was a kid…"

Another added: "Gray was punching up his mum too? Nahhhhhhhh roll him into hell Right This Second!"

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