EastEnders arrest for Harvey Monroe as son Aaron frames him for hate crime attack?

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BBC soap fans have been suspicious of Aaron Monroe (played by Charlie Wernham) for a number of weeks now, ever since he arrived home with his hands covered in blood after being called for “a job”. On Tuesday night’s instalment of EastEnders, viewers found out Aaron had actually hospitalised someone in a suspected hate crime attack. In an attempt to protect his son, Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) ended up lying to the police about Aaron’s whereabouts on the night of the attack. However, as the father and son found themselves arguing over the incident, there’s a chance things could soon take a sinister twist. Could Aaron end up framing Harvey for the attack?

On Tuesday night’s episode, Harvey was left raging after being questioned by the police about the attack Aaron was involved in.

When Aaron returned home, Harvey furiously blasted his son for what he had done.

He bellowed: “The guy is in hospital still! He could lose his sight in one eye. He drives a cab like me, well, he did.

“Three kids, asian guy, Muslim of course. The police think he was targeted and you were stupid enough to let a witness put you right there,” Harvey shouted.

Desperate to get to the truth, he said: “You look at me. You look me in the eye and swear to me you never threw a punch.”

However, Aaron decided to blame the assault on his friends saying: “Look, I wanted to stop them.

“But, I knew that if I tried… not one punch. I swear to you dad, on my life,” he insisted.

“No, you swear on my life,” Harvey said, with Aaron replying: “On your life.”

After scolding Aaron, Harvey revealed he covered for him with the police and gave him an alibi.

He fumed: “It makes me sick what I just did, lying to the police about an attack like that.

“These people are not your friends Aaron, they’re far-right, they’re fascists!” Harvey exclaimed.

“I’m sorry,” Aaron said, as his father continued to berate him for his actions.

Harvey yelled: “They’re not patriots, they’re Nazis. They are what your great-grandad fought against!”

“I was scared dad, I was scared,” Aaron claimed, before insisting he wouldn’t get involved with anything like that ever again.

However, it seems Aaron was lying to his father as the episode ended with him graffitiing a swastika onto the door of a mosque.

Speaking to a mystery individual on the phone, he said: “We’re back on. The old man bought the lot.

“If he ever does catch me again, he just gave a false alibi, didn’t he? So, he either keeps his mouth shut or he goes down and all,” Aaron remarked.

It’s clear Aaron isn’t bothered by the attention he’s received from the police and is planning to commit more hate crimes in the future.

He’s made it clear he doesn’t care if his father is caught in the crossfire, but could he take things one step further?

If Harvey continues to berate his son about his behaviour, Aaron could attempt to get him out of the picture.

He may try to get Harvey arrested by framing him for the horrifying hate crime attack.

Will Harvey soon find himself being arrested for a crime his son committed? Viewers will have to tune in to find out his fate.

EastEnders continues Thursday at 7:35pm on BBC One.

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