Eamonn Holmes jibes he gets ‘complaint after complaint’ about co-star

Eamonn Holmes jokes about complaints against GB News co-host

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Eamonn Holmes light heartedly hit out at his GB News Breakfast co-star Isabel Webster as they discussed ITV’s announcement of a Love Island for the older generation. The presenter questioned whether Isabel was suggesting “older” people can’t be “beautiful”.

Isabel began: “Single parents are getting their own version of Love Island called Romance Retreat.

“Will it be as big a hit as young beautiful people getting it on in the sun? We’ll be asking is it a positive move…”

Interrupting, Eamonn asked: “Woah, is that saying you can’t be older and beautiful?”

“Not at all,” Isabel replied and Eamonn hit back: “But you just said that!”

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Isabel explained she was simply “asking the question” to stimulate debate.

Eamonn continued: “The debate is, ‘Is love and fancy-ability the preserve of the very young. I would say not.

“As you get older you still get [desires]. I do think no matter what age you are and no matter what stage you are in life there’s always room for romance.

“I do think the audience will be older. I don’t think young people want to think of anyone over the age of 35 having sexy time.”

Teasing his co-star, Eamonn asked: “Do you go home on a Friday night and say to [husband] Liam, ‘It’s sexy time’? Is that like ‘Chico Time’? He used to do, ‘It’s Chico Time.’”

Laughing, Isabel remarked: “I don’t say to my husband, ‘It’s sexy time.’”

Isabel tried to move the conversation on but Eamonn continued to tease his co-star.

“I just get complaint after complaint which says’ Eamonn everyday you talk about real matters, real life and Isabel moves on to all sorts of boring stuff,’” he swiped.

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“You get complaints every day?” Isabel questioned.

“About you,” Eamonn confirmed as his co-host hit back: “Are they from you?”

The GB News presenters then moved onto discussing the rest of the morning’s headlines.

Elsewhere, Isabel was forced to apologise when a bystander swore live on air during an interview with travel expert Simon Calder.

As Simon detailed the move to increase the fine for travelling without a train ticket, a man could be heard shouting “w****r”.

Eamonn burst out laughing as he joked: “Is that my brother?”

Isabel stepped in to apologise before Simon added he wasn’t “sure what happened there”.

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