Eammon Holmes shares ‘condition’ which gives Ruth Langsford ‘the ick’

Eamonn Holmes reveals his ‘breathing’ irritates wife Ruth

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Eamonn Holmes and his GB News co-host Isabel Webster were debating things which disgusted viewers on Wednesday’s instalment of their breakfast programme. Isabel shared how many viewers took issue with people who chew loudly on dates, with many calling it a “deal-breaker”. Eamonn then admitted something he does which irritates his wife Ruth Langsford due to a “condition” she has.

Eamonn began: “Right now, it’s things which make you go, ‘Ick.'”

Isabel interjected: “This is where you are dating and you really like someone and things are going well, and suddenly they do something and it’s a deal-breaker.”

Viewers had been sending in their icks all morning which Isabel read aloud.

She shared how many GB News fans wrote in to express their disdain for noisy eaters as they could not stand someone who “chews noisily”.

When Isabel said it was a “deal-breaker”, a disgruntled Eamonn shook his head and disagreed.

He exclaimed: “No, no, no, no. You see, my wife has a condition, right?

“My breathing annoys my wife! It’s called misophonia and a lot of people have this.

“Some people hear things the way that other people don’t hear things.”

The Irish broadcaster explained how some people might feel someone is slurping soup rather than quietly enjoying it as he gave an example of a loud slurping sound.

Eamonn continued: “Ruth has this condition which a lot of people suffer from and people are very sensitive to noise.”

Isabel was eager to know what Eamonn’s “ick” was following his admission about Ruth.

He revealed: “I think personal hygiene, I think crudity, I don’t like crudity. I don’t mind foul language at all but I don’t like crudity.

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“I don’t like people who talk about bodily functions.”

Meanwhile, Isabel said she did not like people who “don’t like kids” as she said she adored children.

“I just flip it and think about what I do like,” she explained. “If I go on a date and someone says, ‘That’s a really cute kid,’ or ‘That’s a really cute dog,’ or someone who is respectful to waiters…

“I reverse it and if they are not nice to kids, dogs or waiters, no thanks.”

However, Eammon challenged Isabel on her comments as he thought there was a time and a place when you can’t be nice to children.

He added: “Like aeroplanes, children shouldn’t be on aeroplanes, they should be banned.”

Isabel clapped back: “No, grumpy old people shouldn’t be allowed on planes.”

Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel airs on weekday mornings from 6am on GB News.

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