Duggars slammed for having ‘family night’ with HUGE crowd and not social distancing during coronavirus pandemic – The Sun

The Duggar family was slammed by fans after having a family night during the coronavirus pandemic.

The reality stars gathered together in a large group for some quality time together despite instructions to be social distancing.

Anna Duggar posted a video on her Instagram Story of the large gathering.

She said: "Family night! We are trying out filters."

Lauren Duggar, Kendra Duggar, singer Lawson Bates and more were all seen in the video.

According to fans, more friends of the family were also spotted in the video.

Fans slammed the reality stars for gathering during the coronavirus pandemic and not social distancing.

On a Duggar family fan Instagram account, one user wrote: "Social distancing? Doesn't look like it."

A comment on Reddit read: "Well, there goes my thought that they were actually taking this seriously."

One user claimed: "Altogether, I think I counted 18 people."

Another user wrote: "The sad thing is they will more than likely pass it to someone vulnerable who can’t fight it off."

One wrote: "Just came here to post this. I CAN’T with this people. This could end badly."

One comment read: "I truly think these idiots don't understand how this virus works. Lawson has been traveling, I’m sure out of all those people, some are going out in the world. No one is safe. You stupid stupid smug dumb Duggar family. All those babies."

Some users called the family "selfish" for having their gathering.

Lately, the Duggar family has been dealing with a lot of drama after Jill's husband Derick Dillard made shocking allegations about his father-in law, Jim Bob.

In an interview with Without A Crystal Ball, Derick revealed the reason they haven't been spotted with the family.

He said: “We are now trying to avoid toxic relationships for the health and recovery of our family.”

Derick also claimed that quitting Counting On in 2017 had “less to do about money” and more to do with “regaining control of our lives.”

Derick also claimed that Jim Bob had a "hidden contract" preventing them from other job opportunities.
He said: "People wonder why we keep making such sudden changes in our lives, this is part of the reason.”

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