Drag Race Canada queen speaks out on judge’s criticisms – ‘It’s a TV show’

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Drag Race fans were left hooked when another episode of the hit competition landed on BBC iPlayer this week. As the Canadian queens got closer to the final, the tension was heating up and one star was eliminated. exclusively chatted with Lemon to find out more about her experience on the show.

Canada’s Drag Race returned this week as the final five queens faced the fan-favourite makeover episode.

The latest outing of the competition began as the contestants read each other to filth in the puppet challenge.

Then they were invited to makeover some Drag Race fans with a difference as the show invited people helped by the Rainbow Railway charity.

Each queen made over a refugee who had fled their home country because their lives were in danger as a LGBTQi+ person.

The moving episode once again saw some queens excel as Priyanka won the maxi-challenge while others struggled with Lemon and Rita Baga both placed in the bottom two.

After an epic lip-sync to You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette, it was Lemon who was sent home from the competition.

Speaking exclusively to following her exit, the star opened up about how special her time on the show was.

She said: “It was dreamy, it was so magical. It was incredible to be surrounded by such drag talent.”

And like many of the other queens, Lemon revealed she was a huge fan of the show before she landed her place.

She continued: “It was very inspiring to be able to be put through all these challenges and to rise above them and to do so well. I’m just proud, it was a dream come true.”

As viewers will know, there is plenty of drama to be had in Canada’s Drag Race and Lemon had her fair share of tensions.

However, the star was also very positive about how she dealt with the pressure when she was filming.

She explained: “I tend to be a very relaxed person, not a lot really gets to me.

“So Drag Race is like the hardest possible thing, I think ever in the world – it’s the most intense experience that I have ever been through.


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“And so I think that it was so very important to me to at the end of the night to do a little meditation, breathe deeply and remember that we’re all going to be friends when this is over.

“This feeling of stress and craziness is just temporary and just let yourself go through it until it’s over.”

And of course, a big part of the series is dealing with the criticisms of the judges each week.

However, Lemon revealed she didn’t disagree with them because it’s all part of making television magic.

She admitted: “I don’t think they were particularly harsh, because there’s also a lot that obviously we can’t fit into the episode.

“On top of everything that we saw there are 10,000 glowing reviews of how beautiful and intelligent and powerful and inspiring we all are that really comes from their [the judges’] hearts.

“It comes from them loving us so much so I don’t think they were particularly harsh because I was there so I got to see both sides of it.

“And I also think the harshness comes from also it’s a TV show we got to make some good TV, you know?”

Now the 23-year-old has left the show, she has also opened up about what is next for her.

Obviously, with bars and venues around the world mainly still facing lockdown restrictions, drag artists are not able to be performing as much as they’d like to.

However, as soon as they lift, Lemon is planning on performing all around the world and meeting as many of her fans as she can.

And the star has also revealed how she’s been adjusting to her newfound fame following the competition well.

She joked: “Well honestly I’ve been acting like I was famous since I was like seven so it feels like everyone else has caught up.

“I want to meet all the people that have been sending me these lovely notes and I want to be able to perform for them.”

Canada’s Drag Races airs on BBC iPlayer on Fridays via BBC Three.

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