Dr Hilary ‘utterly sorry’ for breaking coronavirus rules

Dr Hilary Jones has apologised for forgetting to wear a face mask inside a chemist recently, breaking coronavirus rules. 

The Good Morning Britain host was pictured chatting to a dispenser inside the pharmacy without a face mask on. 

Although the GP has already discussed the incident on-air, it’s the first time the picture has surfaced. 

Putting his hands up to the mistake, Dr Hilary said on Wednesday’s GMB: ‘Two months ago, I’d done a show here, I’d done a Lorraine show. 

‘I’d gone to St George’s Hospital to film what they’re doing after the NHS Charities Together about producing some areas to relax for the staff after a hard day’s work with Covid, producing gardens outside.’ 

Dr Hilary continued: ‘I’d done a 10-hour day, I’d gone into a chemist in my local village to get an emergency prescription for a patient and because I’m distracted in there, I’d forgotten to put my mask on. 

‘I went in for 60 seconds and in that 60 seconds, somebody who could have reminded me to put my mask on politely comes in, takes a photograph and flogs it to the press.’ 

Offering an apology, the medical expert stated: ‘That was two months ago, I’m utterly sorry that I forgot to put my mask on. First time in nine months I’ve done that and I put my hands up. We [already] talked about it on-air. 

‘I think almost everyone’s done it.’ 

Dr Hilary was defended by Piers Morgan who was himself caught without a face mask on inside a taxi over the weekend. 

‘I do this at least once a week, sometimes I forget… A bit of forgetfulness of people who otherwise… it’s about intent. No one watching this can hand on heart say they’ve inadvertently or mistakenly broken the rules,’ Piers said. 

Dr Hilary weighed in: ‘What you do by decision and what you do by mistake are two different things.’ 

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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