Double Shot at Love: Vinny Guadagnino Invites Snooki Polizzi To Dinner With the Girls

Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D flew the girls to Texas to party with DJ Pauly D at one of his concerts and Vinny’s hometown to see where he grew up. In Staten Island, the Double Shot at Love girls ate dinner with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and had a slumber party at Vinny’s house. However, after traveling with the girls, the bachelors sent two girls home that they don’t connect with on a deeper level.

** SPOILER ALERT ** This article contains spoilers about Double Shot at Love Episode 10 including who goes home.

Snooki Polizzi meets the ‘Double Shot at Love’ girls

When the girls arrived in New York, Vinny Guadagnino took them on a boat ride around Manhatten. Then, they went to Vinny’s favorite pizza restaurant in Staten Island for dinner. He invited Jersey Shore: Family Vacation housemate, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to join himself and the Double Shot at Love girls at the restaurant.

As opposed to the “crazy” way Angelina Pivarnick approached them in Episode 7, Snooki genuinely wanted to get to know the girls. She asked them what they did for a living and more invasive questions, including if any of them had an STD.

Snooki immediately noticed she and Suzi resembled, much to Suzi’s delight, and she complimented Maria’s boobs. Even though people may perceive Derryn as “wild,” she admitted she hasn’t had sex in over a year and has never had a one night stand. When Snooki wanted everyone to tell her their favorite part about Vinny, Maria complimented his nice-looking forearms.

Even though Elle is still undecided, Snooki thinks she’s DJ Pauly D’s type. Her favorite contestant for Vinny is Brittnay, who Snooki calls “the MILF” as Brittnay parents a 16-year-old because Snooki believes Brittnay genuinely likes Vinny. She also said Marissa seems more like a friend, not a relationship.

Slumber party at Vinny’s

Vinny brought the girls to his house for a slumber party, complete with onesies. He ran out of ice, so he took Elle on the store run because he wants to know if she still likes him. They end up making out in the car, but Elle is still confused because Vinny never told her to stop talking to Pauly D. Alysse and Maria get jealous they weren’t chosen to go with Vinny while Brittnay admitted she wants to get closer to Vinny because she likes his lifestyle more.

Vinny saw a jealous side of Alysse and liked it because it wasn’t too much. He took her to the basement, and they cuddled and kissed; Vinny said he’s comfortable with Alysse. Then, Maria got jealous and upset, and Vinny caught her crying the bathroom. She said she felt like a moron and Vinny assured her that she’s still in good standing because she’s “so dope” and “like one of the boys.”

They ended up kissing, and Maria felt like a third choice, but she’s still content that she’s last on Vinny’s mind before they went to sleep. Brittnay also got a little upset because she’s noticing several other girls are connecting with the boys and she hasn’t kissed either of them yet.

Which girls did Vinny and Pauly call cabs for?

Instead of texting the girls in group chats to come downstairs for the ceremony, they call all eight girls down to send two of them home. Vinny called Suzi’s cab because he thinks she’s a party girl and has more profound connections with other girls. Brittnay and Marissa ended up in the bottom two, and Brittnay immediately broke down in tears.

After she gathered herself, the boys told Brittnay she hasn’t connected with the guys on a deeper level, and Marissa took too long to open up. Vinny listened to Snooki and sent Marissa home because they believe the connection is only on a friendship level.

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