Double murder shock as Hollyoaks confirms two Breda victims

Breda McQueen’s (Moya Bready) seventh victim has been revealed as viewers learned she murdered her abusive husband Vinnie.

The murder took place 19 years ago, but what made this so shocking was that she allowed her son to spend most of his life in prison, thinking it was him who killed stepdad Vinnie.

As a result she made it her mission to protect children by ridding the world of bad dads.

Scenes in tonight’s first look episode on E4 showed Breda’s son Sylver (David Tag) raging after learning Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) is still taking drugs. Her actions have ruined their hopes of regaining custody of her nephew, Max.

Mercedes desperately tried to apologise, but a distraught Sylver realised there is nothing he can do to make her stop. He threw a chair against a wall in a rage and raced out of The Dog, with Breda following him.

Mother and son had a heart to heart in the workshop, and it was then Sylver confided in Breda that he is worried about his anger and the way he behaves around Mercedes.

Breda reassured him that Mercedes is at fault and she can make the problem go away – which in soap world can only mean one thing…

Talk turned to Vinnie, and Breda explained that some people like Vinnie deserve to die, and praised Sylver for protecting her.

Flashbacks of Sylver’s fight with Vinnie followed, which resulted in the abusive stepdad falling down a flight of stairs.

A young Sylver was terrified at the sight of Vinnie’s lifeless body, and ran away before he opened his eyes. Breda loomed over him menacingly, as Vinnie called out to her for help.

Sylver confided in his mum about Mercedes’ drug taking, and she issued a thinly-veiled threat as she told him: ‘I think that little pussy cat has just run out of lives…’.

As Mercedes finds herself turning to a lovestruck Liam (Jude Monk McGowan) at The Loft for more drugs, is Mercedes in danger from Breda?

Viewers will have seen that so far Breda has gone on her killing spree undetected.

But this talk with her son might make her consider turning herself in, as her guilt over hearing how tormented Sylver has been starts to get to her. Will the weight of her murderous secret become too much to bear?

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