Disgusting moment man’s huge cyst explodes and covers doctors in white pus

Stomach-churning footage has captured a gigantic cyst shooting pus sky high after being removed by a doctor.

James, from Chicago, US, said the collection of bumps had been causing him a great deal of stress and anxiety and were beginning to take their toll on his life.

Appearing on this week's episode on The Bad Skin Clinic, the dad-of-two was seen finally seeking help from an expert in London.

James has one very noticeable bump on the forehead, an even bigger one at the back of his head and a relatively small one at the side of his head.

He tells Dr Emma Craythorne at her Harley Street clinic: "The big prominent bump at the front is the key thing that jumps out.

"It’s the first thing that I see every morning when I look in the mirror. I hate it.

"I get headaches, I get irritable really easy, and it affects work."

As Dr Emma takes a closer look at the bumps, she says: "Gosh, it’s totally straining against the skin, it is desperate to come out.

"So these all do look like and feel like pilar cysts, so I’m not worried about them from a nasty lump point of view at all.

"I really can’t wait to get in and get rid of them for you."

The team starts prepping the equipment in the treatment room before Dr Emma gets to work on the cyst on the front.

She makes an incision around the bump and gives it a squeeze, seeing yellow pus come out, before removing the entire sac.

The assistant shows it to James, who says: "Oh wow! It is huge."

But it gets messier when the team moves on to a second cyst on the side of James' head.

Dr Emma makes her second incision. As she squeezes the bump, the cyst suddenly ruptures, squirting Dr Emma and her two assistants with putrid white pus.

"I felt it pop!" James says, as Dr Emma and her team roar with laughter.

"That was the money shot!" Dr Emma jokes. "It doesn’t happen that often that you would get an explosion, but in his case there was a bit of a weakening in the wall and I cut that a little bit with the scalpel, so when Mottie and I pressed it to get it out of the little hole it properly exploded!"

The surgery ends up a complete success, with Dr Emma also managing to pop the third bump on the back of James' head.

James looks into the mirror completely cyst-free and feeling like a new man.

"I am feeling ecstatic that Dr Emma was able to help today," he says. "For the last 20 years, every morning I look in the mirror and I see the bumps, and now I don’t have to see them anymore."

The Bad Skin Clinic airs tonight at 10pm on Quest Red, available to stream on discovery+

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