Did the Bachelor's Matt James shave his beard?

MATT James was the latest Bachelor, on a season filled with controversy.

After the most controversial season of The Bachelor, from season winner Rachael Kirkconnell to host Chris Harrison, James grew out quite the beard, much to Twitter's delight.

Did the Bachelor's Matt James shave his beard?

Yesterday April 1, 2021 James posted a story to his Instagram, showing off a shaved face, signaling the end of his iconic, if not infamous beard.

However, it all seemed to be a prank. Yesterday was April Fools day, a time where all people play practical jokes on each other.

Later in the day, Matt James tweeted "April FOOLS!"

He also added a photo of himself with his beard.

This joke is in line with his personality, as seen on the Bachelor he was always looking to crack a joke and have some light-hearted fun.

What happened with Rachael?

James was the first Black Bachelor in the series history, something the show and the fans applauded for at the beginning.

However by the season finale, a massive issue had arisen with one of the contestants, Rachael Kirkconnell.

It had been uncovered that while in college, Kirkconnell had attended 'old south parties,' as well as liking some Instagram posts with confederate flags in the background.

On the season recap, James addressed the allegations, stating that Rachel and him had broken up.

What happened with Chris Harrison?

After the allegations had come out, long-time series host Chris Harrison went on Rachel Lindsay's, the first Black Bachelorette in history, podcast.

In the podcast Harrison attempted to defend Kirkconnell, asking fans to find compassion for Kirkconnell, and while her kind of actions are not acceptable in 2021, they were in 2018.

Fans were outraged, and ABC executives removed Harrison from the show indefinitely following his comments.

While the rest of the show featured Harrison since it was already taped, the season recap, which looked to address the controversy did not feature him.

There has been no official announcement that Harrison has been removed from the show for good.

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