Did Kate Gosselin Just Slam Jon Gosselin on Her New Dating Show, 'Kate Plus Date'?

It’s hard to believe Jon & Kate Plus 8 graced our television screens nearly 15 years ago. When we were first introduced to Jon and Kate Gosselin via TLC, the couple was doing their best to manage life with a set of twins and sextuplets — and their lives seemed unmanageably hectic. It certainly took a toll on their relationship, too, as the only thing more famous than Jon and Kate’s huge family is their ugly and very public divorce.

Today, Jon has stepped out of the reality TV spotlight while Kate has reentered it. Her dating show, Kate Plus Date, recently premiered — and we were surprised to see how she recounted some of the past drama from her life before the dates even began. Kate even had some choice words to say about Jon Gosselin, too.

Kate Gosselin is back on TV and searching for true love on Kate Plus Date

It’s not too surprising that Kate is stepping back into the world of reality TV (we can’t forget that she’s appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With the Stars), but it did shock many that she’s choosing to date on television. People reminds us she and Jon divorced over a decade ago, and Kate mentions on the premiere of Kate Plus Date that dating is not in her wheelhouse. Even though she feels uncertain about finding love again, she’s made it known she’s ready to find someone for herself as her kids age into their late teen years.

As Kate told People, “The truth is, it is not a secret I went through a very public divorce. hat wasn’t pleasant. I feel like for that very reason, I am very guarded, and I don’t tend to trust people. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I certainly don’t want to rush into another relationship. The pressure is on for it to be positive and successful for all of our sakes.”

Mady and Cara, Jon and Kate’s 18-year-old twins have also opened up about how excited they are for Kate’s dating journey. “Normally she is a private person, and this experience has helped her a lot, figure out how she can open up to someone and feel good about it,” Mady said.

She discussed her past relationship with Jon Gosselin at the beginning of the premiere

Not only did the premiere episode of Kate Plus Date give fans a taste of what’s to come in terms of the men Kate will be dating, but she started off the show talking about being a parent with ex-husband Jon. “I was the mom of eight kids. That does not come without immense, ridiculous stress,” she mentioned. “Being 29 years old, having been married for a couple of years, really really sets you up for, you know, you really have to grow up fast.”

There were also clips of Kate from a decade ago discussing her relationship with the cameras when she was still married, and she mentions she knew she was hard on him for the decade they were together. “I just have a lot of anger,” she told the cameras during the Jon & Kate Plus 8 days — and it seemed she didn’t feel like she was getting the help from Jon that she needed at the time.

“You know, they say the person that you’re with should bring out the best you … and I just don’t feel like the best version of myself was brought out,” she told the Kate Plus Date cameras. This was then followed by a clip of Kate crying about her difficulties with Jon to the cameras from a decade ago.

How does Jon feel about Kate’s show?

It’s no secret that Jon and Kate still don’t speak despite living quite close to each other. Today, six of the kids live with Kate while two of the sextuplets, Hannah and Collin, live with Jon. And Jon has also given his opinion on what he thinks of Kate taking a stab at dating on television.

“To each [their] own. Whatever keeps the lights on,” Entertainment Tonight reports Jon told HLN TV. He then added, “I kinda stay out of the limelight as much as possible.” Jon also said that “if she chooses to do that, she chooses to do it. Two of the kids live with me, so those two won’t be on her dating show, and I’m pretty sure the other four won’t be either. But I know, obviously, Mady and Cara are on the show.” With this kind of answer, it looks like we won’t be seeing any dating shows starring Jon anytime soon.

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