Did Jaclyn Hill Just Delete All Of Her Social Media Accounts?

Jaclyn Hill has had a rough time as of late. The 28-year-old YouTuber ran into some hot water following the launch of her new cosmetics line, Jaclyn Cosmetics. The trouble began when her customers began to report a myriad of issues with her first ever launch of “So Rich Lipsticks”. Gritty textures and poor quality soon gave way to reports of plastic and hairs found embedded within the contaminated products. From there, the drama escalated and Hill eventually made the decision to defend herself and apologize to customers. But did Hill just delete all of her social media accounts to cope with the backlash of her lipstick scandal?

Instagram story

On Saturday, Hill took to her Instagram story to once again break her silence surrounding her lipstick. She again apologized to those fans who received less than perfect product and then quickly offered a second apology that consumers were not expecting. In this video, Hill gave a more informal apology for the official apology video that she released nearly two weeks ago. In addition to that, Hill made the announcement that she would be offering a complete refund to every customer who purchased any of her products, regardless of quality issues.

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Quiet on the homefront

Aside from that, Hill also took the opportunity to share how much she missed engaging with her millions of followers online. Since the scandal broke out, Hill has been radio silent on all of her channels with the exception of addressing the lipstick drama. This is certainly unusual for someone who typically speaks to their followers multiple times a day through several different social media platforms. Hill seemed to also feel how odd the shift was, and it was the first thing she addressed in her video.


“Hey guys, I don’t even know to start this. First and foremost I can’t believe how attached I am to you guys because just this past week not being on social media has made me realize how much I miss you and love you, and not talking to you guys on a daily basis has just been like the craziest thing ever” the 28-year old said. However, it seems that Hill may be feeling a little differently after a few days. Currently, all but one of Hill’s social media pages are deleted or temporarily disabled.

Currently unavailable

At the time of this post, Hill’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts are currently unavailable. The only thing that is still live is Hill’s YouTube page. As YouTube is where the 28-year-old makes the bulk of her money, it would be a poor financial decision for the CEO to delete or even temporarily disable her page.

Digital detox

While we don’t know the exact reason why Hill made the choice to take some time off of social media, we can understand her needing a break from the backlash. As she made the decision to give every customer a refund, taking time off of social media doesn’t seem to have any glaringly negative consequences. We hope the break gives Hill clarity and that time will help everyone move past the drama.

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Tomorrow is the day!? Jaclyn wearing Hustle & Amazeballs?

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